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Riding the rails and staying connected


Posted on April 15, 2013

2 min read

Moving to inner city Sydney I have decided to do away with a car.

This also means doing away with sitting in traffic, trying to find a car park, flat tyres and dealing with super stressed drivers on the road.

It also means, if I choose not to speed-walk into work, that I spend a bit of time on the train zipping around the City Circle line.

This is great, except when I hit the tunnels!

You see I love to unwind on the way home by streaming music, checking or if I need some brain food, listening to Waleed Aly on RadioNational.

However as most Sydney commuters know this type of smartphone activity comes to an abrupt halt when you hit the City Circle tunnels – because there is no mobile phone coverage.

And boy, it can be frustrating to have a call drop out mid conversation or find yourself blitzing ‘Words With Friends’, only to lose reception.

However there is good news for commuters who travel the City Circle in Sydney.

As of today, both 3G and 4G network coverage is available in the City Circle tunnels, meaning customers will no longer lose network coverage as they train enter the City Circle line.

Additionally, Telstra has brought 4G technology to Martin Place, St James and Museum stations.

Yes, good news for City Circle commuters – and for the Fashion Police who will no longer have to chase me for wearing a suit with my sneakers!