Around 20 years ago, Australia started logging on to the internet in a big way. Back then, I was one of those internet newbies and I distinctly remember the staccato screeching of my trusty dial-up modem as it connected me to the World Wide Web and served up pages at break-neck peak speeds of 56kbits per second!

Back then internet access plans were based on time limits not on a data use and the web was a very different looking place.

Since then, technology and our internet habits have changed so dramatically that we are have reached a point where dial up internet is no longer able to support most basic online activity.

When you think about it, using any photo rich website or video streaming service would be almost impossible on a dial up service. For instance, even at peak dial-up speeds, it would take at least 6 hours to download a 150MB video. In contrast, at typical speeds over ADSL2+ it would take around 2 minutes* and on Telstra’s 4GX mobile network it would take as little as 30 seconds**.

With the expanded availability of ADSL/ADSL2/VDSL, cable, fibre, wireless and satellite broadband solutions, including over the National Broadband Network, and the continued decline in the use of dial up, we have decided to retire dial up internet services for the small number of our consumer customers who still have them.

These services will be retired by December 2015.

If you’re one of our last remaining dial-up customers we will be contacting you shortly to offer you an alternate way to access the internet and to help you move across.

And if you’re holding onto your dial-up service just so you can access your BigPond email account, we’ve got that covered too. We are making arrangements so you can keep your address and we will be letting you know about this shortly.

* Based on average 10Mbps
** Based on average of typical 4GX range 37.5Mbps