At our annual Investor Day a few weeks ago, we announced Telstra had already brought 5G coverage to 25 cities and towns across Australia. Today I am in Dubbo to announce the switch on of coverage in our 26th.

This is my second trip to Dubbo in 18 months. For many of us Dubbo is a point on a map. If you have never visited before, you might only know it for its famous Western Plains Zoo. If you have visited, it might have been briefly driving between regions. But like all Australian towns, it is so much more than that, with its own local character and history.

Dubbo sits at the centre of a road network that connects our major metro cities. It is built on industries – transport, logistics, agriculture, manufacturing – that will all benefit greatly from our 5G rollout.

In transport and logistics, 5G will mean systems that can be managed and synchronised to the real time movement of vehicles and passengers.

In agriculture, 5G will mean sensors that can gather geographically-precise data in real time to better monitor livestock and crops based on exact and local weather patterns, soil moisture and nutrients.

In manufacturing, 5G and artificial intelligence will mean automation and robotics to perform repetitive tasks and drive new efficiencies and productivity.

And elsewhere, 5G will mean drones that could be used for deliveries, searches, rescues or to provide high quality live video for news or surveillance.

What is relevant in any conversation about 5G though is that there are many uses that have not yet been imagined. That is actually one of the most exciting parts, that time and again we have been surprised by the innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurialism that connectivity and technology enables. It will be the same with 5G.

Through all of this the role of networks remain absolutely central. Telstra is a global leader in the rollout of 5G and we are committed to rolling it out to Australians as fast as possible, with the best technology available to bring people and business together.

It is a major part of our $3.8 billion investment in our mobile network over the three years to June 2020.

Our purpose drives us to ensure a connected future where everyone can thrive. Connectivity like 5G brings with it exciting opportunities for business, health, safety and innovation, and we want to make sure as many people as possible can connect to it.

As the world moves into a new industrial revolution built on connectivity, Dubbo and other regional centres will be early participants, being some of the first on the planet to experience what 5G technology is capable of. Further to this, those with the new 5G capabilities will also get a chance to enjoy an enhanced 4G service alongside it.

We have shown from our ongoing involvement in the Federal Government’s Black Spot Program that we are dedicated to bringing advanced connectivity to the far reaches of Australia.

The next six months will see us bring 5G to selected areas of 35 major and regional cities across Australia.

If you are interested in finding out about where else we are building 5G and to look at the 5G devices we have on offer, you can find more information on our website, or by talking to a team member at your nearest Telstra store.