Telstra Foundation partner ReachOut Australia has launched two new apps to help young Australians reduce anxiety and stress through their smartphones.

ReachOut WorryTime and ReachOut Breathe are free apps that enable young people to use familiar technologies to independently manage anxiety and stress.

The new mobile apps are part of a growing suite of online evidence-based tools and information developed by ReachOut Australia, which launched as the world’s first online mental health service more than 15 years ago and is now accessed by millions of people each year.

In Australia, one in six people aged 16–24 years are currently experiencing an anxiety condition. This means that affected young people are constantly worrying, unable to relax, and have trouble sleeping and difficulty concentrating on things like work and study.

Jono Nicholas, CEO of ReachOut Australia, said, “Young people today are more connected and digitally savvy than ever before, with technology vital to their everyday lives.

“Digital self-help tools like these apps are simple, practical solutions that can be taken anywhere to help young people understand what’s worrying them, reducing symptoms of anxiety and making it easier to manage.”

ReachOut Australia was born digital and has developed some great digital resources such as these two new apps to help young people manage stress and anxiety.

ReachOut Breathe

ReachOut Breathe is one of the world’s first wellbeing apps specifically designed for Apple Watch, and is also available for iPhone. Using simple visuals, the app helps young people reduce the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety by slowing down their heart rate to increase feelings of calmness in the body. The iPhone version also uses biofeedback to measure heart rate so that users can track changes in real-time.

ReachOut WorryTime

ReachOut WorryTime, which is available for iPhone and Android mobile devices, helps users control anxiety by scheduling worry so that it is confined to a specific time each day. Learning to capture and then postpone worry makes it less intrusive and can bring about a greater sense of control.

ReachOut Breathe for iOS and Apple Watch is now available and can be downloaded directly from the iTunes Store.

ReachOut WorryTime for iOS and Android is now available and can be downloaded directly from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

The Telstra Foundation has partnered with ReachOut to develop an app and classroom resources currently in testing with students and teachers. The app – titled The Orb – is an online interactive game for teenagers to deal more effectively with the life stressors that we know can lead to more serious mental health problems. Find out more about the Telstra Foundation here.