If you’re like me then recycling paper, glass and cardboard around the home is second nature. Unfortunately it appears Australians aren’t so sure what to do with old technology.

MobileMuster estimates around 23 million old mobile phones are still hanging around people’s homes and offices.

So during Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week (11-17 November) we’re calling on all Australians to check the ‘third drawer down’ at home and work for old accessories and mobile phones to recycle.

Ninety per cent of materials in mobile phones can actually be reused to make everyday items such as fence posts and aluminium cans. So recycling is useful, and helps to reduce landfill; a double bonus for the environment!

In fact, if all Australia’s unused mobile phones were recycled they could create:

  • 5.5 million aluminium cans; and
  • 27,000 plastic fence posts.

And give the same greenhouse gas benefit as:

  • planting 110,000 trees; or
  • taking 5,100 cars off the road.

There’s more than 4,000 MobileMuster units located around Australia, including every Telstra store, and free postage paid satchels are available from local Australia Post outlets or can be ordered online on the Mobile Muster website.

All items collected through MobileMuster are recycled safely and securely; all data is destroyed and no phones are sold for re-use. However Telstra recommends customers remove their SIM card and delete personal information from handsets before recycling.