We caught up with Solange Cunin, the CEO of Cuberider, who graduated from our #SYD3 muru-D startup cohort in 2016, to see what she’s up to and how the business has changed.

You know those Masterchef challenges where the contestants are given a basket of ingredients, a ticking timer but no recipe or idea what they will cook? That is an accelerator program. You have all the ingredients, you have six months of guidance and support, but you have no idea what the end result will be – all you can do is hope your passion and energy pays off.

It’s been almost a year since Cuberider left muru-D. We were two co-founders full of energy and vigour, excited to grow and succeed in the real world. Since then Cuberider has transformed into an almost unrecognisable business, we’ve even had a name change from ‘Quberider’ to ‘Cuberider’. We have also grown as a team to include more committed and ambitious individuals who all deeply believe in the Cuberider cause. Our hardware has been updated and we have released a new platform that allows students to manipulate their space hardware all through the internet! It has certainly been an incredible journey from the humble beginnings of my living room to the amazing team and business we are so lucky to have now.

Space and Education are two interesting and contrasting sectors to be in – both with their own challenges and rewards. We have certainly learnt a lot in the past few months, including our space mission to the International Space Station where we spent a month trying to find a good USB connection! It goes to show that ‘space problems’ can be just as trivial as Earth problems!

It has not only been a rewarding year from a business perspective, but a truly inspiring experience spending each day talking to teachers and students who have completed the program and loved it. We have had students describe the program as being the most exciting thing in their lives so far, and that since completing the program they have decided to continue with a STEM subject ‘just in case they need it later in life’.

Equally, to hear teachers tell us of their excitement to teach Cuberider in their class, reminds us why we are all here, even with the ups and downs of startup life.

On 11 August 2017, we are launching our second rocket to the International Space Station with many more exciting Australian student experiments on board.

Learn more about our 2017 mission and watch our rocket launch.

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