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Queensland Flood update 3 from Telstra

Telstra News

Posted on January 12, 2011

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The situation in Queensland is changing rapidly, so we will try and keep you informed. We understand that staying connected to family, friends and colleagues is important at this time.

Gympie streets underwaterAs Energex has advised, power supply is likely to be affected in sections of Brisbane CBD today.  As a result, mobile phone towers may be placed onto battery reserve power. The duration of the battery reserve will depend on access to sites to charge batteries, and on the restoration of power in the CBD. Also, key exchanges around the Brisbane CBD will also be placed on to back up power, and manned during this time, to maintain landline and other critical services, if this eventuates.

With flood waters rising, affecting power supplies and damaging network infrastructure, we are seeing an increase in the number of landline, mobile and broadband services that are being affected in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Faults have increased by more than four times. As such, there will be delays in restoring services. We ask our customers to be patient during this time, and assure them we are doing everything we can to get them back online. To report a fault, customers should contact 13 22 03.

Telstra is well resourced and ready to respond, but there are many affected sites which are now under restricted access due to flooding. When possible, and when safe to do so, Telstra crews will move in to restore services.

We can see some call congestion on the network due to sheer volume of calls being made. Telstra reminds customers to keep conversations to a minimum.

Telstra is offering an assistance package for its residential and small business customers across Queensland who have been evacuated from their homes or whose phone services have been affected by the recent storms and flooding. For more information read the Media Release on About Telstra.

Telstra is providing loan mobile handsets, mobile phone battery chargers and satellite phones to evacuation centres and to emergency organisations. Satellite kits have been distributed to emergency services organisations and some isolated communities.

Telstra will contribute up to $1 million to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal

Telstra  will contribute up to $1 million to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal, by matching dollar for dollar employee payroll giving donations to the value of $500,000. This contribution is in addition to the significant commitments already announced to assist people affected by floods, including additional resources deployed in the field, assistance packages to help residents and small businesses stay connected  and free payphones in critical community evacuation areas. The donation is in response to the scale and magnitude of the unfolding disaster and demonstrates Telstra’s commitment to the immediate and long-term wellbeing of affected communities. Telstra last implemented an employee giving program in response to the Victorian bushfires, with more than $750,000 donated by staff.

Sixteen charity partners are regularly supported by Telstra employees through its payroll giving program, which forms part of its corporate citizenship strategy.


Telstra has made available 200 pre-paid mobile handsets, 2000 $30 recharge cards & 1600 $10 PhoneAway cards to assist people in flood affected areas. This is in addition to programs available under Telstra’s ongoing Access for Everyone program, which assists customers in need to stay connected with resources including Telstra Bill Assistance Certificates & $5 PhoneAway cards.

Anglicare Australia will distribute these resources, as part of their work coordinating Telstra resources for Access for Everyone agencies assisting people affected by the floods in and around Brisbane.

“We were moved and warmed by the quick and relevant contribution of Telstra during the Queensland floods. The response targeted getting people back in contact – being cut off at a time like that only exacerbates the effects.

“We are working with Telstra to distribute pre paid mobiles and recharges cards as well as phone away cards to help people stay in touch. The speed with which Telstra offered these free of charge was fantastic and truly helped with the anxiety levels experienced.” Kasy Chambers, Executive Director Anglicare Australia.

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