With a devastating tsunami causing damage, disruption and displacement across Tonga, we’re temporarily waiving call charges for our customers to be able to contact their loved ones in Tonga for free.

Updated Friday 18 February 2022: As communications and essential services have been restored in Tonga, we’ve ended our assistance package for customers.

We’ve all seen the devastation caused by the volcanic eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai and subsequent tsunami, and know it has been a traumatic experience for many. Our thoughts are with those in Tonga and their families abroad.

We want to help how we can, so we’re making it easier to get in touch and to stay on the phone with loved ones. To do this we’ll be waiving charges for calls to Tonga from Telstra home phones and post-paid mobiles from midnight tonight for the next seven days. This offer isn’t available for pre-paid mobile calls at this stage, but we’ll be monitoring the situation and will extend this offer – and the time it’s available – if needed.

With infrastructure damage across the country, you might not be able to immediately get in contact with your friends or family, but we want to make it as stress free as possible when you can.

We’re working with Digicel Tonga to help restore connectivity

While we haven’t completed our acquisition of Digicel Pacific yet, we’re in regular contact with the team to offer our support. Fortunately, the Digicel Tonga team are all OK.

We have teams from across the business working with the Digicel Pacific technical team on a satellite communications solution to help restore some communications.

We’ve worked alongside the Australian Government to get the first batch of satellite equipment shipped on an RAAF flight, which has arrived and another shipment is on the way. This has helped the Digicel Tonga team start to progressively restore services, which is why we’re now able to offer free calls.

Note: Depending on your account, some people may not see the free calls logged in their call records.