Our Assets & Facilities Management (AFM) team takes Telstra’s purpose of ‘creating  brilliant connected future for everyone‘ quite literally, using the sun to fulfill this pledge.

The team completed a first for Telstra at our Greensborough and Oakleigh exchanges in Melbourne by powering our network equipment directly from large solar arrays.

The rooftop panels boast a capacity of 12 kW (five to six times the size of a common domestic solar system) and will supplement the existing mains-based DC power systems.

They also provide a renewable source of energy for the site, resulting in reduced energy use and associated reduction of carbon emissions from the traditional mains energy supply.

The solar panels on Telstra exchanges

Although Telstra is a large user of solar power with over 10,000 sites nationally, our use is normally restricted to remote sites where mains power is unavailable.

This is the first application in the use of solar power as a supplementary source of power at a mains powered Telstra site and is the beginning of a massive rollout throughout Australia.

The solar trial is one of several initiatives that are currently being undertaken by Telstra Operations’ AFM team to test and evaluate innovative alternative power technologies, including solar and fuel cells.

Several other solar trials are planned to evaluate this technology further, including options based on inverters (similar to what you would use at home) that could power lights and air-conditioning plant, as well as telecommunications and computer equipment within our network facilities and data centres.

Telstra’s Chief Sustainability Officer Tim O’Leary also welcomed the introduction of this technology, which reinforces Telstra’s commitment to the evaluation of renewable energy sources that will assist Telstra in reducing our carbon footprint.