This is our commitment to customers should there be industrial action at Telstra.

Members of the CEPU, one of Telstra’s three unions, today voted in favour of taking industrial action as part of our ongoing negotiations for a new enterprise agreement (EA), which sets out the pay and conditions for many people at Telstra. CEPU members make up only around 10 per cent of our employee base and just over half (56%) voted.

While it is disappointing that CEPU has decided to encourage this action, we respect the right of the union and its membership to do so.

Our commitment to our customers

While we remain hopeful that the CEPU and its members (who make up a small percentage of our total employee base) do not take industrial action, we are well prepared for this.

You may hear public claims that this will impact the services we provide you. This will not be the case.

How we got to this point

We’ve been upfront about the unprecedented competitive pressures we’re facing. We are focused on transforming Telstra under our T22 strategy so that we set ourselves for future success in a post-nbn world – for the benefit of our shareholders, customers and our people.

We are balancing these competitive challenges with looking after our employees – a responsibility we take very seriously, particularly during a time of immense change.

Our people are passionate about delivering for our customers and we cannot deliver our T22 strategy without their expertise and commitment. We want to do what’s right by them and we believe the proposed new agreement we put forward is fair given the circumstances. It is a mixture of fixed pay and incentive pay based on the performance of our business and people – and it preserves the industry-leading terms and conditions that our people value.

Over many years, we have consistently paid increases under our EA that exceed that of our main competitors and continue to offer industry-leading terms and conditions in areas like hours of work, leave benefits and redundancy protections. However, we need to act with restraint at this challenging time.

We remain committed to bargaining in good faith for a new enterprise agreement. This means we are open to practical suggestions from the unions that are in the best interests of our people and shareholders.

Whatever happens, we have thousands of passionate people who will continue going above and beyond to deliver the services you expect from us – without interruption.

We appreciate and thank you for your understanding.