Successful small and medium businesses often have that something special that sets them apart. It might be great ideas and products, fast systems and processes or the best customer service experience.

Husband and wife team Justin and Karinda Gill founded Abode New Homes 10 years ago with a vision to create environmentally sustainable project homes suited to the Northern Territory climate.

From just $1,000 in the bank at the time of establishing their business to racking up their 500th sustainable project home 10 years later, Justin and Karinda are the perfect example of how passion, the right skills and a willingness to try new things – including technology – can enable businesses to thrive.

If you were to ask Karinda what the most important asset is to Abode New Homes, she’ll tell you it’s their business data – a lesson learnt the hard way when a fire broke out on their premises several years ago.

Thankfully they didn’t lose everything, but it was a big wake up call for Karinda and Justin and they quickly set about investigating and adopting Telstra Cloud Solutions.

Here on the Be ‘That’ Business radio show, Karinda reveals how the Cloud is so much more than a backup service – it’s completely changed the way she and Justin work by enabling them to organise, collaborate and share data from just about anywhere.

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