Our mission to bring you new experiences and an entirely personalised experience on Telstra TV continues with the release of two new apps – Plex, for your personal media collections like photos and home movies, and Kanopy, a free library of thousands of award-winning documentaries and Australian films.

Plex brings the media users love into one place, including personal media collections such as photos, videos and movies, plus video news, podcasts, and more.

It gives you greater control over your personal media – including putting it on the biggest screen in your house – and makes it easier to share digitally with friends and loved ones. To get started, simply download the Plex app from the Telstra TV App Store, create a free Plex account, and start streaming via Telstra TV.

Australian-owned on-demand video streaming service Kanopy is another new addition that provides free access to thousands of movies direct to our customers’ homes. Thanks to partnerships with libraries across Australia, Kanopy is free to users – just download the app on your Telstra TV, and you can use your local library membership to access a huge number of award-winning films and documentaries from Australian and international filmmakers alike.

Kanopy only requires the viewer to have a current library membership for activation at a partner public library or university. Queensland is the most recent public library to provide access to Kanopy, after other Australian public libraries in New South Wales, Victoria, and West Australia launched earlier this year.

Almost all universities in Australia have partnerships with Kanopy making the service widely available, and public library memberships can be quickly and easily completed online, so non-members can sign up with their local library and start watching films immediately at the Kanopy website.

Plex joins an ever-growing list of apps and content on Telstra TV, further underlining why the device is a central part of our living rooms, with over a million shipped since its introduction. Telstra TV brings together a broad range of content services, allowing customers to access on-demand TV and movies from a range of subscription services and free-to-air catch up apps, as well as watch live TV.

Find out more about the new Telstra TV* and discover more of what you love.

* Exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. Requires a compatible TV with HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free to air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.