To find out the key to business success, we spoke to Dr Jordan Nguyen (Telstra Business Awards Keynote speaker and judge) about the common traits he noticed among the businesses recognised during the Awards process, for him personal stories were the stand out.

According to Dr Nguyen, “Those businesses that really do excel have a personal story behind them. They have that meaning and purpose to what drives them every single day.”

Dr Nguyen was inspired to embark on his career as an entrepreneur, as a result of his own personal experience. He found his business motivation after almost breaking his neck 11 years ago and says this close call sparked a journey of gaining a better understanding of the world of disability. Jordan now works as a Biomedical engineer, TV presenter and speaker in the disability space.

Another key element that shone through for the Awards winners was their focus on technology which drives change and presents opportunities for businesses to thrive.

As Dr Nguyen says, businesses need to know how they are going to harness technologies and not be disrupted by them. Learning to innovate using new technologies to overcome problems and deliver  solutions is the key to a successful business.

If you know a business with that something special, nominate them today for the 2018 Telstra Business Awards: