As Vantage, Telstra’s business technology showcase, kicks off in Melbourne, David Burns shares his thoughts on how Telstra’s Global Enterprise and Services team is helping customers find better ways to do business in a connected world and in the process helping lead Telstra’s transformation from a traditional telco to a technology company.

Who we are

When people think about Telstra, at least in Australia, they often don’t think about the services we provide to businesses – such as banks, mining companies and retail chains – or government departments that allow them to connect with their staff and customers and embrace digital products and processes. However, these services are an increasingly important, both to Telstra and to the success of leading companies around the world.

Indeed, our Global Enterprise and Services (GES) unit which serves this segment is a growth engine for Telstra. We have more than 6,000 people in 20 countries providing services to thousands of business, government and wholesale customers. With revenues up 11.5% to more than A$6 billion, GES was the fastest growing part of Telstra last financial year and one of the fastest growing enterprise services divisions of any major provider in the world.

This rapid growth reflects the fact we meet a critical need in the market – combining connectivity infrastructure across Australia and the Asia-Pacific with the world leading technology solutions and expertise. In this way, we empower our customer to harness the opportunities created by technology and respond to the digital disruption that is underway across virtually every part of the economy

What we do

In Australia, we have developed an unparalleled suite of services for all types of businesses and government agencies, as well tailored solutions for key industries, such as media, mining and financial services. In international markets our customers are multinational corporations, particularly those with significant operations in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as other carriers and technology companies delivering services over-the-top of the network.

1. Connectivity infrastructure

Through our core telecommunications infrastructure we connect thousands of businesses to their customers and staff. We keep more businesses in Australia connected than anyone else, while our international network of submarine cables, satellite stations and data centres is a market leader in Asia, underpinning the explosion of online creation and consumption that is underway across the region.

2. Leading platforms and applications

Building on our strong connectivity base, we offer our customers secure, software defined platforms and curate applications and services that offer better ways for our customers to do business. Our suite of cloud, mobility, software, managed networks and security services unlock new levels of business efficiency, collaboration and innovation.

3. Unique solutions

We offer expert advice to companies looking to maximise the benefits of new technology and have tailored services for key industries with specialist needs, such as media, mining and financial services. In the rapidly growing markets of China and Indonesia we offer a unique in-country presence through our joint ventures, PBS Telstra and telkomtelstra. We also offer all our customers access to cutting edge innovation globally through the Telstra Ventures investment portfolio of 30 technology start-ups.

A combination of in-house development and strategic investments has enabled Telstra to better meet the needs of our business and government customers.

For example, our acquisition of Pacnet in 2015 has expanded our network and presence in key Asian markets. Also our portfolio of services across software, cloud and mobility has been enhanced by the multiple recent acquisitions, including Kloud, Readify, and MSC Solutions, while we have deepened our involvement in target industries like media and mining with acquisitions of Globecast and CBO Telecommunications.

We are very excited about the opportunity at Vantage to showcase the capabilities we can now offer customers in new areas (such as cloud, software and enterprise mobility), new geographies (such as China and Indonesia), and new markets (such as mining, media and financial services).

Our future

Despite our rapid recent growth, Telstra remains a challenger in the global enterprise IT and technology market, which is valued at more than US$3.5 trillion per annum.

This market is changing as technology removes the barriers that previously existed between different service types and providers. These changes create an exciting opportunity for Telstra to build a leading technology business and help our customers meet the challenges of operating in a highly dynamic environment.

To achieve this we will focus on unlocking new growth by further expanding our reach and capabilities; evolving our portfolio to meet the needs of customers in a software driven world; and simplifying our business to offer a globally consistent, digital first experience for our customers. On top of this, being famous for our service is fundamental to winning in our highly competitive market.

Our customers need a partner in disruption, a technology guide to the connected world. With our expertise in networks and connectivity, our world class suite of curated applications and services, and our differentiators in key growth markets and specialist sectors, we have the capability to play this role and be a transformational force for our customers.

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