In a world first on Australia’s expansive geographical scale, Telstra’s national Distributed Production Network will deploy a new remote production broadcast model by connecting 29 sporting stadiums across the country to new remote production hubs in Sydney and Melbourne.

The way that we consume sport is being revolutionised. Sports fans now, more than ever, are demanding live, high quality, content-rich coverage at any time, in any place.

For Australia’s largest sports broadcaster, FOX SPORTS, this change in consumption has led to a rethink in its broadcasting model, and Telstra has been selected as the network partner of choice to help make this change.

So, what exactly will this new broadcasting model look like? Well, traditionally, outside broadcasts of live sporting events require a dedicated control unit housing production staff and technical equipment at each individual event.

In a move to centralise the production of live sports, Telstra and FOX SPORTS have signed a new long-term deal which will allow for ‘remote production’ of live tier one sports through Telstra’s Distributed Production Network (DPN).

The new model will utilise our high capacity, low latency, multi-tenant network of scale to send multiple raw camera feeds, audio and equipment control from 29 sporting stadiums across regional and metro Australia to new Remote Production Hubs in Sydney and Melbourne. The deal will support concurrent productions of more than 520 sporting events each year, enabling production talent to work across multiple codes from a single location. The DPN has an operational target of next year’s AFL and NRL seasons.

The deployment of a remote production model across Australia’s vast and expansive geography is a world first, with multiple channels of uncompressed video and audio traversing our network from sporting venues up to 3,500 kilometres away from the Remote Production Hubs.

Our Distributed Production Network will play a pivotal role in satisfying audience demand for live sporting coverage and we look forward to strengthening our longstanding partnership with FOX SPORTS to deliver the next evolution of live sport broadcasting. Tune in from 2018.