Janine Allis is the incredibly inspiring founder of Boost Juice and Retail Zoo, investor on Shark Tank, and 2004 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year. We are thrilled to have her now join our ranks as a National Judge for the 2018 Telstra Business Awards.

In a recent interview with Telstra, Janine discussed what becoming a judge means for her, the importance of stopping to celebrate success, and the technology she relies on as a busy CEO.

For Janine, winning the Business Woman of the Year award in 2004 was a pivotal moment in her journey that allowed her to take stock of her achievements.

“It was a time when Boost Juice had grown from zero to a hundred stores in four short years, and I felt the most stressed. Winning this award was a good time to stop and reflect on the demanding, yet rewarding adventure I was on,” she said.

She added that business owners tend to get so hard on themselves that they feel they have to be perfect all the time.

“We don’t stop to celebrate – but it’s important to get our friends around a table to sit and rejoice on the success of our business to date.”

Fourteen years later, Janine is turning the table around and becoming a Telstra Business Award Judge. In this role, she will help businesses self-reflect, network and celebrate their achievements.

“On your business journey, you go from the student to the teacher. You’re always learning, but there comes a time where you’re able to share the lessons with others,” she said.

“Through the judging process, I’ll be able to give some tips and encouragement, I will ask the tough questions that they wouldn’t normally ask themselves.”

So what will she be looking for among the Telstra Business Awards finalists?

“Everyone has an idea. It is the execution that has value. I’m looking for a leader who knows business is a marathon not a sprint, and who has the resilience and depth of character to take their idea the whole way.”

She believes the Awards program provides entrepreneurs and business leaders a valuable opportunity to develop support networks.

“Business is a grind. It is tough. There are times when you don’t want to do it anymore. Suddenly you are in a room of like-minded people. I now have really dear friends that I met through the Awards program, that I still talk to on a regular basis.”

As a busy CEO, Janine has been relying on technology to keep track of emails, appointments… and even her family! Watch the video to find out which apps she recommends:

  1. Weather Plus – Allows you to add and monitor the weather in multiple locations. This app helps her to plan outfits ahead of time and manage differing climates.
  2. Tesla app – This app enables Janine unlock, start and drive her car without her key.
  3. Microsoft Outlook – This app enables Janine to check her calendar and monitor and reply to work emails.
  4. Words with Friends – A crossword puzzle game, where users can connect and play against each other. Janine finds herself connecting with friends while killing time at the airport with this game.
  5. Find my Phone – With six in the family, Janine uses this app to know where her family is at any given time.

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