Our latest Security Operations Centres offer our Enterprise and Government customers a more agile, intelligent and collaborative approach to cyber security.

At a time when we are seeing an unprecedented rate of cyber-crime in business, it has never been more important to understand and manage cyber risk, for ourselves, and for our customers.

Our state of the art Security Operations Centres provide 24/7, 365 priority access to our highly-skilled cyber security specialists. Our customers can not only see what we see, they can come in and work with us, learn with us, and influence how we develop our security products. Underpinning all of these activities is a powerful open source Managed Security Services platform that lets us tap into global innovation.

Cyber Security Operations Centre

As Australia’s largest telecommunications provider, we have an obligation to deliver these kinds of services to market. But, we know we cannot do this alone. In the wake of recent ransomware attacks globally, we believe that no one organisation can tackle the cyber conversation. Cyber security is a team sport and requires the collaboration of government, regulators, businesses and the community to develop solutions that help build resilience, cyber security and cyber safety for our people.

The Government has set the agenda with a cyber security strategy which we fully support. Now, our role is to help turn this intent into action by providing our customers with the products and services that will deliver a more secure operating environment for all Australians.

We’re excited to open the doors to our Sydney SOC, with Melbourne opening later this month, and an intention to launch globally in 2018.

Below you can watch a 360 tour of the SOC.

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