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Online essentials to help your business thrive

Small Business

Posted on July 28, 2016

2 min read

Promoting and running a small business online just became easier with the release of Online Essentials and Digital Support Services.

Choosing the right name, sourcing products and designing solutions is only the start for small business owners. They need an online presence, they need to create the ‘face’ of their business.

Telstra, partnering with digital marketing specialists Spotzer, have released Online Essentials and Digital Support Services to support Australian businesses to sell and serve online.

Whilst starting (and even sustaining) a small business has always been a challenging task, the reliance on the internet as a search tool means that these days, small businesses need to quickly establish themselves online if they’re going to survive. However, this can often be a daunting prospect that involves navigating a medley of web developers, digital marketing agencies, and eCommerce consultants to find a solution that fits their needs, and their budget.

Online Essentials provides a simple solution by bringing everything together in one product. Customers work with experienced web experts who’ll set up their online presence through a domain name and two email accounts, and then design and build a responsive website that suits the customer’s needs. Ongoing editorial support and analytics allows customers to identify and make changes as their businesses grow, and listings in key business directories ensures ongoing promotion.

For small businesses looking to sell online, Digital Support Services utilises the Neto digital commerce platform to create and maintain an online store with the option to purchase additional photography and copywriting support.

Telstra supports more than one million businesses across the country, providing innovative and connected products to empower small Australian businesses to thrive.

Product information

  • Online Essentials is available at an introductory price of $29/Month (incl. GST and No Setup Fees)
  • Digital Support Services is available on a 24 month plan with no upfront fee and a 12 month plan with an upfront fee.
    • Photography package can be purchase for a $469 one-off-fee and provides 2 hour access to a photographer and 30 high-resolution photographs.
    • Copywriting pack provides product and store copy for up to 50 products for a $2,035 one-off-fee.