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One starry, starry night…


Posted on December 2, 2009

2 min read

I recently had a great night out.  I attended, via an invitation from the Telstra Foundation, the Alannah and Madeline Foundation’s (AMF) annual gala evening Starry Starry Night in Melbourne.

About 80 celebrities and sporting stars hosted approximately 1000 guests in a night of entertainment in the name of charity – raising money to help reduce violence against children.

Most of the people I spoke to during the course of the evening knew someone who had been the victim of cyber-bullying.  You could tell when we spoke about it, that it made them angry and it had left a lasting impression on each of them. Their offers to help and speak about the damage this behaviour can cause were genuine.  They wanted to know more about what options the victims of cyber-bullying can do to help manage this damaging problem.

We also discussed how online bullying originated. Some people I spoke with told of how a friend, loved one or a member of a tight group of adolescent friends fell out over something silly and became bitter enemies overnight.  The secrets they always shared became nasty, hurtful allegations posted on social networking sites or sent by text to class mates and other networks.

One well known ex-AFL footy star spoke passionately about this.  He shared his experiences with his children of how hurtful this behaviour can be, and that with this form of bullying the tables can and do turn quickly – today’s bully is tomorrow’s victim.

So I thought I’d share with you some tips to help parents and guardians protect kids:

  1. Keep private information private – don’t give out personal details without parental knowledge
  2. Know what to do and where to go if they encounter cyber-bullying
  3. Keep online friendships online – never let kids go to meetings without parental supervision
  4. Use a mobile PIN number and treat a mobile as you would the internet, – online is online
  5. Reinforce positive behaviour and values in the online world

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the evening’s entertainment, but the main thing the night did for me was reinforce that ‘cyber-safety is everybody’s responsibility’.

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