We’re going to hide 10 white Nokia Lumia 800s throughout five capital cities around Australia. In this exciting quest to find the treasure all you have to do is work out where we have hidden them. Suss it out first, get to the stash, finders keepers.

Nokia-Lumia-800-portrait-inpostYou’ll be sporting a brand new white coloured Nokia Lumia 800 courtesy of our partners and friends at Nokia Australia and a Telstra $50 Pre-Paid Cap Encore recharge with $1000.00 credit and 2GB of data to get your surfing.

There are two glowing white gems hidden in a secret location in each of Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They’re just waiting for you to find them.


Explore the Nokia Lumia.

Explore Australia.

Five cities.

10 phones.


Here’s how it works

Monday – 7 May 2012
Tuesday – 8 May 2012
Wednesday – 9 May 2012
Thursday – 10 May 2012
Friday – 11 May 2012

Two Nokia Lumia 800s will be hidden in each major city every day for a week.

Clues will be posted on our Facebook page each day and your job is to be ready to hit the go button, unlock the clues and get to the stash first.

Like I said,  finders keepers and rain, hail or shine, there will be ten white Nokia Lumia 800s hidden from 7 May.

Hope you’ve got some good runners ready!

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