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Next generation of our Whereis Navigator

Tech and Innovation

Posted on October 28, 2011

3 min read

This week we launched the next generation of our Whereis Navigator product, extending free basic navigation, and integrating travel and 3D viewing. We’ve worked with Garmin to redesign the experience to make it even easier for you to explore a new city any way you want, free of stress, this Christmas holiday.

There’s something for everyone in the new version of Navigator, and you can now navigate for free without subscriptions or data charges on the Next G network, using the basic driving and walking navigation modes. Both basic navigation modes are free and have the most up-to-date Whereis maps updated four times a year, plus Garmin directions and Yellow Pages business listings.

Next generation of our Whereis NavigatorView stunning 3D buildings and landmarks, and a completely integrated car, walk, train, tram and plane navigation experience in our premium GPS navigation solution. The new Navigator updates have come together to extend the truly unique experience for our subscribers, at no extra cost to subscribe.

The mapping team at Whereis have recreated Australia’s great buildings and landmarks in 3D with textured models of many places we all know, and Garmin have built a great platform in which to enjoy them. The 3D buildings provide a natural visual context, which means easier navigation than following street signs. Navigator is the first application on phones to include the Whereis 3D buildings, so you can enjoy detailed models unavailable in other navigation applications in Australia.

If you are new to a city, and don’t want to spend all day in the car, then subscribers will appreciate the enhanced pedestrian mode and flight information. Drive when you need to drive, and then switch to pedestrian mode and use trams, trains, and ferries like a local. It will get you to the Airport and even tell you if your flight is delayed. Navigator will show you where to walk and which train, tram, or ferry to catch, where to change and where to stop in most major cities.

We provide the line or tram number, and even show you all the stops along the way. It’s simple to use, lets you see parts of a city you’ll never see from the road, and is a great travel companion this coming holiday.

As of this week, all new features are available on Android handsets and tablets through the Android market and on Apple iPhone 3GS and later through the App Store. Search for ‘Whereis Navigator’.

We are deploying Mango features for our category leading Windows Phone 7 navigation software next month but won’t have 3D buildings and multi-mode navigation until early next year along with more enhancements as we bring our Windows version in line with the more established Apple and Android versions.

The Blackberry version of Whereis Navigator has been tailored to each phone, and lacks some of the latest features. Try the 7-Day trial, Day Pass, or First-Month-Free offers to try out premium features. Whereis Navigator is available on Telstra Next G only.

Enjoy the new features, take a look at the flexible offers this holiday, and try the free navigation which is completely free of data, 3rd-party advertisements, and application charges.

Where will you be navigating to this summer?

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