Today we are excited to announce the first Category 9 devices soon to be available on the Telstra Mobile Network.

The first devices to launch will be the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – unveiled overnight in the United States. We will also offer the world’s first Cat 9 mobile broadband WiFi device with Netgear in the next couple of months.

While the high speeds achievable on these devices will be welcome news for content lovers, the evolution in our network is really designed to boost network capacity. To give you an analogy, we increase our capacity by adding more lanes to the highway or by speeding up the vehicles; in the case of Cat 9 we are giving the devices a turbo boost so that we can offer a more reliably fast connection for more of our customers.

Pictured: Testing of upcoming Netgear mobile WiFi device on Telstra’s live network.

That means people can enjoy their favourite content with fewer slowdowns even in peak hour or in crowded places like at shops or on the bus.

To many these new smartphones will look beautiful on the outside however to me it is just as important that they will be powerful on the inside. Both Samsung devices will be 4GX (Cat 9) compatible and are capable of the fastest 4G speeds in Australia in selected 4GX areas. They’re primed to support our customers’ ever-expanding love of apps, music streaming and the growth in mobile video.

The battery-powered mobile hotspot from Netgear can operate continuously for up to 11 hours, supports a data usage meter, and can share a 4G connection with up to 10 devices simultaneously making it possible to enjoy the performance benefits of our up-rated network performance on existing Wi-Fi enabled tablets, laptops and smartphones.

This is all possible because back in May 2015, we activated the world’s first mobile network infrastructure bringing together 700MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz spectrum. This 4G super-highway on our 4GX service is capable of peak network speeds of up to 450Mbps*.

Since then we have been optimising our network configuration and testing new devices ready for launch. This is a proud milestone for us to be able to confirm the first products compatible with this high-performance LTE-Advanced technology.

The upcoming availability of these three Cat 9 devices is another example of how we’re bringing superior network technologies – first – to customers using our world-class network.

In the years to come as we see the explosion of new video services and the rapid expansion of the internet of things through technology for connected cars, homes and businesses, we’ll need to continue to innovate so our customers’ devices continue to work with the reliability our customers have come to expect.

We look forward to bringing a range of new and exciting next generation devices in the coming months.

* typical user speeds will be lower and depend on factors such as location and network conditions, and, when customers use a WiFi device, the total number of users connected to the device.

To find out more about new Samsung devices as they’re launched on the Telstra Mobile Network register your details here: