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How our new business plans can help your business

Business and Enterprise

Posted on February 15, 2017

4 min read

One of the most rapid changes I’ve observed over the past five years in the way businesses work is how technology is enabling workforces to become more flexible and mobile. Businesses want to be connected in all sorts of places while on the go and want the latest technology to do it.

A great example of early adopters is Relken Engineering. The 2016 Telstra Business Awards ACT New Business Award winner are using technology to mobilise their business and be more productive. Starting out as a team of three, Relken Engineering focused on reliability engineering and asset management. In less than three years they’ve grown to over 35 staff working across most Australian states – their “offices” include the homes of their employees, client sites and coffee shops! They started by using cloud-based systems, and then moved on to implement online task management software and have also taken  advantage of disruptive applications that challenge traditional enterprise software products.

Also critical to enabling Relken Engineering to work remotely is Office 365 which emulates a physical working environment with tools to co-author in real-time, online meeting facilities and common document storage.

Relken has become ‘that business’ – a leader in their field, one that’s always raising the bar and finding opportunities to improve.

In our role to help businesses unlock the power of technology and thrive in the market, we’re always looking for new ways to give businesses an edge

One of the ways we are doing this is by including a mobile broadband backup service with every new business broadband bundle. This means businesses can now get online sooner and back online quickly if fixed internet services are interrupted. Businesses can focus on running their business with fewer interruptions.

We’ve also listened to our customers who have told us they want more data so we’ve included:

  • generous data inclusions in every business bundle
  • unlimited uploads for easy and convenient cloud backup
  • The Telstra Gateway Pro which offers world-class Wi-Fi up to six times faster than previous gateways.
  • Access to Office 365 with a $15/month Telstra Apps Marketplace credit so businesses can operate on the move.

As businesses continue to evolve, we expect the demand for flexible working will continue as businesses realise the benefits of fast reliable broadband over the nbn™ network. It will mean we will see more businesses taking advantage of the cloud, as well as seeking solutions tailored to support both home and work life. As a business technology provider, we too will continue to adapt and change by offering business grade tools and technology to help businesses thrive.

New business bundle offers

From today our business bundles will now include:

  • Range of plans with generous call and data inclusions – including unlimited uploads on every plan for easy and convenient back up to the cloud
  • Office 365 with the $15/month Telstra Apps Marketplace credit so you can operate better on the move with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook Apps
  • Premium nbn compatible gateway with world-class Wi-Fi
  • First Australian telco to provide mobile backup as standard across all new business bundles
  • A Static IP address to run websites and mail servers, or access your network remotely via VPN smoothly
  • 3 months free 100/40 Speed Boost on nbn™ business bundles – 100/40 is the top speed tier available on the nbn™ network. Find out more about Telstra nbn business bundles.

New mobile lease plans for business

  • My Business Mobile Lease plans can help businesses improve productivity and work practices by equipping staff with the latest mobile technology.
  • Lease benefits include: choice of latest smartphones, upgrade after 12 months and potential tax benefits
  • Customers taking up a $95 My Business Mobile Lease plan, receive
    • A 24 month  subscription to Microsoft One Drive for Business, giving customers 1TB of secure business grade online storage
    • unlimited standard calls and text
    • 12GB (8+4GB Bonus) of data
    • unlimited calls and text to 10 selected countries.
    • Free access to AFL, NRL and Netball (Live and data-free).

*min cost $2280 when you stay connected for 24 months)

Find out more about our Business Mobile Lease Plans.

*Relken Engineering Pty Ltd is an engineering consultancy company that helps its client’s measure, understand and then improve the performance of their physical assets in order to increase productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.