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Network congestion takes a holiday


Posted on January 29, 2014

2 min read

Well its official – the Aussie love affair with the beach is alive and well! As foreshadowed in my blog before Christmas, this holiday season again saw us heading for the coast in droves.

With the increased concentration of holiday makers along the coastal towns, the related traffic on our mobile network also rises. As part of last year’s network coverage expansion program, we identified which of these coastal towns became hotspots during the holiday season and upgraded the existing base stations with 4G technology.

While we have carried out some capacity upgrades to our 3G network, the growing numbers of 4G devices meant that it made more sense to do most of our network capacity expansion using 4G technology.

The investments we have made in our network are paying off and we had no cases of major congestion in these areas this year. In terms of performance, 97% of these holiday hotspots were achieving good performance ratings over the peak holiday period. This was despite the huge increases in network traffic.

Sorrento, Victoria experienced an almost 750% increase in traffic* on our 3G network which was the highest anywhere in Australia. The award for the biggest increase* on our 4G network goes to Dunsborough, South West WA which leapt by almost 500% during the same time. Pretty impressive for a town that has a population of less than 3,500 people!

In the other states we saw our 4G network traffic triple in Robe, South Australia, double in Bateman’s Bay, New South Wales and increase over one and a half times in Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

We’ll continue to monitor and assess all the network traffic demands in all locations with the aim of maintaining and improving performance as required.

Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria is one site where network demand can present challenges in the peak summer season. Despite this, a number of non-Telstra customers were spotted queued up to purchase a Telstra prepaid SIM in Tidal River.

The top five holiday destinations (by state) as seen by the increase in network activity

Victoria holiday hotspots - click for full image

WA holiday hotspots - click for full image

SA holiday hotspots - click for full image

NSW holiday hotspots - click for full image

QLD holiday hotspots - click for full image