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NetMum competition rewards unsung heroes in the netball community

Telstra News

Posted on May 18, 2012

2 min read

When Telstra told me about the NetMum competition I was really excited at the opportunity to reward some unsung heroes in the netball community – MUMS! Without mums the netball world would just not go round.  Whether it is coaching, umpiring, catering, putting out the score sheets or leading the cheer squad they are vital to our sport.

Telstra loves NetballMy mum’s support for me through my rise into the Australian Netball Team was unbelievably important to me, and I know that I couldn’t have done it without her.  Right from when I started playing she was always there on the sidelines cheering me on, making sure I had enough to eat and drink for carnival days and occasionally pulling me up if I got too far ahead of myself!  When I started making NSW teams she would pile me into the car on a Friday evening with food, drink and a pillow to sleep on the way home, and drive me into the city for training – when I am sure she would rather have been at home putting her feet up at the end of a long week!

I would have loved to have the opportunity to enter my mum into something like the Telstra NetMum when I was younger.  It would have been a brilliant way for me to be able to say thanks to her for being my number one supporter.

This year’s ANZ Championship Grand Final is sure to be a thriller – the 2012 competition has been the most unpredictable so far and I am already looking forward to the finals series.

In the meantime we have 7 more rounds to get through, and I have just celebrated my first Mother’s Day!  Maybe you could  keep the Mother’s Day celebrations going by nominating your mum, or a mum you know who makes netball a great sport, as the 2012 Telstra NetMum.  Not only will she be pleased as punch to have you write such great things about her, but maybe I will catch up with you both at the ANZ Championships Grand Final!

Nominate who you think deserves the “Telstra NetMum” title now and find out more by going to the Telstra Netboys Facebook page.