Telstra NetCamTelstra’s NetCam is a game-changer in delivering a net’s eye view of the on-court action.

Making its debut in 2017 global tennis tournaments, Telstra’s NetCam provides audiences with an unprecedented panorama of the court during competition. Deployed on each side of the net, the miniature camera delivers an immersive broadcast experience for tennis fans around the world.

Telstra’s NetCam is the next evolution of Telstra’s industry-leading Globecam technology, a live, point-of-view miniature camera technology. Telstra’s NetCam device is the result of several years of research in Telstra’s Globecam facility in Melbourne working closely with tennis authorities to ensure viability.

The technology specialises in delivering unique angles and enhanced fan viewing experiences, without distracting or disrupting the players during the competitive match. The miniature camera technology also provides players and officials with a unique and live net’s eye view of the on-court action.

The bespoke camera uses the latest in low latency digital link technology to receive and transmit live content right from the field-of-play. The camera lens can be customised to capture live footage across different situations and environments.

Through innovation in mechanical stabilisation, overheat prevention and remote colour correction, the technology keeps footage sharp, clear and vibrant, despite the camera’s small size and frame.

Telstra’s NetCam meets specific competitive tennis requirements – where the camera needs to be small enough to be discreetly deployed on each side of the tennis net, but also have the capability to capture a panorama of the court during competitive matches.

Pioneered at the 2017 BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global, Telstra’s NetCam received endorsement from WTA Media Managing Director John Learing: “Women’s tennis is an incredibly athletic and fast-paced game. Telstra’s NetCam allows us to provide WTA viewers with a unique perspective while helping us to tell that athletic storyline. Tennis fans are not just courtside they are now immersed in the game on court and at the net.”