Whether you have been told the National Broadband Network (nbn) is coming to your area, you already have the nbn and want to connect, or are simply just wanting to understand what all the fuss is about, you are not alone.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are either in the same boat, or have been, and are now experiencing superfast broadband.

Our tech experts have pulled together three quick pocket guide videos which cover what is the nbn, nbn installation, and why choose Telstra on the nbn, to help you understand all things nbn.

What is the nbn?

nbn installation

Why choose the nbn with Telstra

You can also read the short summary below, join the conversation with other Australians here or have a chat to one of our friendly tech experts in store.

What is the nbn?

The nbn is a new communications network to replace the existing system and give Australian homes super-fast internet and phone access. It’s run by the government-owned nbn but our v experts will be with you every step of the way to help manage the transition.

What it means for you

Entertainment experiences will be richer, video calling easier and connecting to a variety of devices much smoother.

In the future, nbn will also be used to deliver education services, health monitoring and smart metering. Find out more about the advantages of nbn.

What does getting connected involve?

This will differ depending on the technology nbn is rolling out in your area.

For FTTP, they will install an nbn Utility box outside your building, and an nbn Connection box on the inside.

For Fixed Wireless, nbn will install a fixed antenna outside your building, and an nbn Connection box inside.

For FTTB and FTTN, nbn won’t need to install any equipment inside your home or office, as your services will just connect to a wall plate.

Our technician will then install any Telstra equipment you need and set up your services so you get the most from your new connection. View our how to connect section for more details.