We’ve been busy working through our Networks Evolution 2020 and Digitisation strategic programs – a unique opportunity to provide our customers with the best possible experiences as we support more data, more devices and more connectivity.

Our Network as a Service (NaaS) platform is now live across our business networks, an important step in delivering our T22 transformation. This is an evolution of our network architecture that will help speed up delivery of innovative products and offers for our customers, as well as helping to make it easier, faster and more secure for partners and customers to connect and leverage our network.

The NaaS layer drives simplification of the Networks-IT interface and enables us to transform the way we deliver products for our customers. Through the exposure of network services into digital platforms we enable better simpler products and offers based on reusable network building blocks – key to achieving our T22 product simplification strategy.

Customers can reap the benefit of reduced time to market as our offer managers build new products and services from well-defined reusable building blocks discoverable from a catalogue of existing services along with being able to acquire and assign network services as part of their standard workflows.

Our NaaS platform importantly can help reduce costs for our customers across integration, testing, deployment and ongoing service assurance. The NaaS effectively opens our Network for business.

Excitingly, at Telstra Vantage, our premier Enterprise customer event, we brought NaaS to life through a live demonstration of the NaaS and its ability to orchestrate network capabilities for our enterprise customers, bringing a remote office online with a Managed Encrypted Cloud Access offering.

NaaS is truly transformational to our plans to lead the market and change the way our customers buy and consume our services.

What does NaaS mean for the industry?

Our Head of Networks as a Service 2020, Guy Lupo, says that one of the foundational principles for NaaS is the use of standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) “not just within Telstra, but across the industry.

“The ability to expose network services, decoupling the integration with IT systems using standard APIs and no resource knowledge is what every service providers strive for.”

We have partnered with TM Forum, the industry association driving digital transformation and developing open APIs to ensure that the APIs supporting the NaaS architecture, are being widely adopted across the industry by both service providers and vendors.

This is critical in supporting all operational functions for any network technologies, allowing any network service data model to be embedded in the API.

By partnering with companies that use TMF’s open APIs, we can now grow our catalogue of network services more rapidly.

We are also working with other standards organisations to ensure the NaaS architecture concepts can be leveraged in the industry and built upon for greater automation and native support of APIs from our vendors.

At the TMF Digital Transformation Asia, in Kuala Lumpur, November 13-15 2018, Telstra alongside with partners will be demonstrating its NaaS platform enabling a managed video surveillance use case leveraging orchestration across multiple service domains with closed-loop and testing capabilities.