The brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 was announced at Mobile World Congress 2018 overnight, and we’ve got all the news about the full Galaxy S9 range of handsets and accessories which will be coming to our stores on March 16.

In the ninth iteration of its leading Galaxy S line, Samsung has focused in closely on camera technology, the value of entertainment, and powerful 4G connectivity. In 2018, Samsung says it has built its new smartphone around the camera – and with more than 1.2 trillion photos snapped around the world in 2017, Samsung’s focus on camera tech is clearly justified.

The Samsung Galaxy S9‘s camera takes smartphone photography to the next level. With a powerful dual-lens setup on the Galaxy S9+, Samsung’s new phone can shoot in both wide-angle and telephoto, and the standout feature is the Galaxy S9’s new, fast f/1.5 to f/2.4 variable aperture lens – which gives you great low-light capability and a high-detail option for bright daylight. Regardless of which size you buy, the Galaxy S9 range offers amazing ability in low-light photography.

It’s not just for capturing beautiful photos, though. The Galaxy S9 range comes with an advanced camera which can capture your 3D likeness for use in creating animated emojis which you can share with friends and family on almost the full range of messaging or social apps.

If you’re feeling creative, you can use the Galaxy S9’s new super slow motion video feature, which captures up to 960 frames per second allowing you to play back incredible scenes smoothly – imagine a balloon bursting, and then imagine that scene unfolding in slow motion in front of you. Previously the domain of expensive pro-level camera studio equipment, this functionality now lives in your pocket with the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The feature is also super-easy to use, allowing the most casual of photographers to capture high-quality slow motion content. The best thing is that Galaxy S9 can save these slow-motion videos as small GIFs ready for sharing on social media, as well as high-resolution video formats for use elsewhere.

As you might imagine, the Galaxy S9 can generate a huge amount of content, but what’s the value of that if you can’t share it easily with everyone that matters to you? The Galaxy S9 is Samsung’s first handset to feature its new high-speed LTE Category 18 modem, theoretically capable of facilitating download speeds of up to 1.2 gigabits per second – that’s lightning quick. While customers are unlikely to see such speeds in the real world just yet, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ owners will be able to stream, surf and share at super speeds on Telstra’s advanced 4G service.

Expect Galaxy S9 to make full use of Telstra’s layers advanced network features, too. Samsung’s smartphones support Telstra Wi-Fi calling which means you can make basic voice calls over a supported fixed broadband Wi-Fi connection when you are leaving 4G coverage.

These days, many of us spend more time-consuming content on our mobiles than we do on our TVs, and the Galaxy S9 has some great features in this area too. From its stunning 18.5:9 Infinity Display, which makes watching videos and gaming beautiful, to built-in stereo speakers tuned by AKG and featuring Dolby Atmos, the Galaxy S9 is as much about viewing and enjoying content as it is capturing it. Better yet, there’s no need to interrupt your video viewing to respond to messages. Galaxy S9’s Active Edge display lets you view and reply to messages without having to leave your movie session behind.

Business users are welcomed along for the ride too with Galaxy S9’s enhanced security features, including a hybrid facial recognition technology which combines facial recognition with iris recognition for a lightning quick, secure entry to your phone. Samsung’s secure Knox technology has been updated too, with plenty of remote monitoring features to make business IT managers’ lives easier.

Last year’s Galaxy S8 had a fingerprint sensor next to its camera module, which sometimes saw fingerprints landing on the rear camera. Samsung has listened to customer feedback, and the Galaxy S9 moves the fingerprint sensor to a more natural position underneath the camera which should make it easier to use and prevent fingerprints on the lens.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 was announced to a packed-out audience – and with both 64GB and 256GB models on sale in Australia through Telstra soon, we understand you can’t wait to get your own. The good news is that pre-orders are open now, and you can receive your Galaxy S9 as soon as 16 March.

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