Customers using our mobile network in regional areas are to get a significant boost, thanks to a multi-million dollar investment in additional spectrum to increase the capacity of our 4G service and allow the delivery of more data and faster speeds.

Mobile phones have become an essential part of modern life. At the heart of a great mobile network is access to the radiofrequency spectrum. It’s a precious and finite resource that, as well as being used to send mobile phone signals, connects TVs, radios, radars and satellites.

As more people, businesses and devices connect to one another, demand for spectrum will keep soaring.

The Australian government is responsible for making spectrum available to industry. They’ve just auctioned access to more spectrum for mobiles to use in 12 regional areas right across the country, including major regional cities like Albury, Cairns, Grafton, Mackay and Darwin and their surrounding areas.

The good news for Telstra customers is that we have invested $190 million and have secured more spectrum than any other operator in this auction. This acquisition, along with our existing 1800 MHz holding, will allow us to offer the best mobile experience on Australia’s biggest mobile network, right across the country.

We were the first telco to bring 4G mobile services to regional Australia and over the next two years we will invest more than $5 billion and expand our 4G footprint to 99% of the population by the end of June 2017.

With more spectrum and more access to the 4G network, our customers can enjoy a better mobile experience in more places than ever before.

Australia’s mobile market is very dynamic. We know our customers have a range of providers they can choose from, which is why we’ll continue to take every opportunity to improve the experience you have on the Telstra network.