In a world where smartphones often look similar, Motorola is back to change the game once again, and show us all how a phone can be more than just a featureless slate. Say “hello, Moto” to the new Motorola Razr.

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It’s a style-icon reinvented

The original Motorola Razr V3 from 2005 redefined what phones could look like. No longer were they grey, unmemorable bricks. Motorola showed us our phones could be just as stylish as our other accessories, with funky colours, brushed metal finishes and applications we’d never seen before.

Now in a sea of black rectangles, Motorola is back to blow our minds all over again with a vertical folding smartphone. It’s the perfect intersection between a flip phone of old and smartphone of tomorrow.

The brushed metal clamshell exterior confidently unfurls into a glorious 6.2-inch P-OLED display, bringing cinematic lustre to your content.

And just like the original, it’s back with more nifty features to change how you use your phone.

It has nifty features inside and out

When it’s open, the Razr is an awesome entertainment, productivity and connectivity tool. But when it’s closed, it’s still just as handy. While fully-closed, the Razr’s 2.7-inch external Quick View screen allows you to complete your tasks without even flipping it open.

The Quick View display allows you to read notifications, play music and even take selfies.

The camera works even more intelligently when you open the device, with smart composition, portrait mode and cinemagraph working hard to make your photo and video capture easy.

And it’s loaded with smart engineering throughout, even packing in an app that lets you simulate the old Razr V3 from 2005! Hello, Moto indeed.

It’s an ultra-convenient companion

Weighing in at 205g and folding up to an incredibly pocketable 94mm, the Razr is the perfect phone to carry when you don’t want to carry one at all.

It seamlessly slides into your pocket, with barely a bulge to speak of. And thanks to the Smart View screen, it doesn’t need to be unfurled every time you get a notification.


We’re proud to be the exclusive carrier for the new Motorola Razr in Australia.

The Motorola Razr is available from today with all of our new simplified mobile plans. You can add on the device for $112.45 per month on a 24-month contract. Min cost from $3,898 over 24 months on the $50 plan and may change if month to month plan price changes.

Check out our hands on video to see the Motorola Razr backflip right into your heart.