When it comes to streaming video content we want to offer you the best choice in the market and great viewing experiences.

Which is why our fast and reliable Telstra Home Broadband Bundles just got a whole lot better.

Right now, if you take up a new home broadband service as part of eligible Home Bundle (M, L & XL) will receive:

• A $20 discount off the Bundle price each month for 24 months (this offer is currently in market).
• A premium Telstra Gateway Max Wi-Fi modem – delivering the best in-home Wi-Fi speed and coverage that Telstra has to offer.
• Bonus six month subscriptions to both Stan and Presto.

For example, you can now get the Telstra Home M Bundle for $80 per month for 24 months (after the $20 bundle discount is applied), which includes:

  • 100GB of fast and reliable Telstra Broadband
  • A premium Telstra Gateway Max Wi-Fi modem (valued at $216)
  • Six month subscription to Presto – with shows like The Walking Dead, Modern Family and Homeland
  • Six month subscription to Stan – with first-run exclusives in Australia, including Better Call Saul
  • Unlimited local and national calls to standard fixed line numbers (excluding 13 numbers)

Min cost $1979 including $59 activation fee. A $12 delivery fee may apply.

More Wi-Fi speed – with our premium Telstra Gateway Max™

We want to make sure you can do even more at home, which is why we are offering a fantastic streaming experience with fast home Wi-Fi

• The new Bundle offer includes the Telstra Gateway Max modem for new home broadband customers, available on Cable, ADSL and NBN on eligible Bundles

• The new Gateway Max means you can get up to 3x faster home Wi-Fi than our standard modem when using AC compatible devices or better in-home coverage

More great entertainment – Six months subscription to both Stan and Presto

When it comes to watching TV and movies online, we want to offer you the best choice in the market. With 6 month subscriptions to both Stan and Presto for new subscribers who take up an eligible Telstra Home Broadband bundle, you will be able to access even more entertainment at home or on the go on your compatible devices.

With Presto, you can enjoy six months of:

• TV shows like The Walking Dead, Modern Family and Homeland
• Movies including Captain America: The Winter Solider, Dallas Buyers Club and Despicable Me 2

With Stan, you will get access to even more great entertainment including:

• First-run exclusives in Australia such Better Call Saul
• Award-winning TV shows like Ray Donovan and Dexter
• The entire back catalogue of Breaking Bad
• Blockbuster movies including The Hobbit and 21 Jump Street

We also know there’s more to a great streaming experience than choice of content. We have built the nation’s largest broadband network reaching almost 4 million customers spread across the farthest reaches of Australia. And because we want all our customers to enjoy streaming entertainment we continue to focus on the things that matter from the source to the screen – including upgrading our exchanges and increasing network capacity.

For instance, in the last 12 months alone we’ve boosted internet speeds for almost half a million customers.

We’re excited about giving you more, to find out more, visit: https://www.telstra.com.au/bundles

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