Our technology blogger Michael Lewis recently attended CES 2013 and is blogging about his experiences at the event.

CES, day two. Today was 8.5 hours of non-stop meetings and walking – trying to take in as many booths as I could and still gather/interpret the information I was receiving. On one side there was the multitude of Apple cases – everything from 3D images to crystals to wood – you name it, it was there. Literally hundreds of cases to choose.

Here is a sample of some of the products and companies I saw – more details will follow.

I spent a bit of time looking at the range of covers and cases from iSkin. They have expanded their range to cover high end fashion bags that will hold your tech gear as well as being eye catching. This range is extended for Smartphones and Tablets – so you can mix or match as you desire. I will follow up with a review of their range in a future blog.

LG have one of the bigger stands at CES 2013. From the world’s first 3D videowall to NFC controlled smart appliances, robotic floor cleaners that reach into corners, to Vu:Talk – allowing for information being drawn on one tablet to be displayed simultaneously on another tablet. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, photo printers, and of course, incredible 3D televisions.

Ferrari by Logic3 Headphones brings exactly what you expect from the Ferrari name – quality – and a lot of wow factor. Both over ear and in ear models, including one that is modelled on the Formula 1 headphones worn by the track crew.

Cord Cruncher – probably one of the most needed and long overdue product to come out of CES. Check out the webpage to watch their short product videos. Basically, the Cord Cruncher removes the issues most of us have experienced with their corded headphones – its tangle proof! A bold statement I know, but it really does work. The cords are hidden in a silicone based sleeve that slides back when you need the cords, and then cover the cords at other times. They retail at $US24.99 – including free delivery worldwide. Note that the sample I have is for audio only – no microphone for taking calls.

HMDX Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones One of the more colourful displays at the show – HMDX has some great packaging – their Jam Plus speakers come in jam jar style packs! (Very cool and a great retail point of sale idea.) The Jam Plus speakers are both Bluetooth and have an inline cable if you do not want to use Bluetooth. I like that they also come with rechargeable batteries – a definite cost saving. It’s not all about pretty colours – HMDX Jam Plus and their Fusion headphones have the ability to bridge two of their devices – allowing you to share your music with a friend. Sort of like an audio splitter for wired headsets.

I particularly liked the fact that you could set the Jam Plus speakers up as Left and Right – giving you stereo Bluetooth – or you can put the speakers into separate rooms to share the music. If taking your music into the shower is your thing, HMDX have their Jam Splash – water resistant speakers. Giving your music device a safe 30 foot distance from the shower, these speakers are also great to use at the beach or by the pool. It also has a built-in speakerphone, so you should never miss a call. The Jam Party was the jewel in the crown in my opinion. It can run for up to 8 hours before you need to recharge it, has four stereo speakers and let me say it is LOUD. Product should be available in the coming months – I am waiting for more information to find its way to me after CES – will update you with pricing and availability then.

Stern Pinball – well it is a Consumer Electronics Show after all – and what could be better than owning your own pinball machine? Stern make a range of both commercial and personal use pinball machines – complete with all the flashing lights and bell ringing I grew up with. The home use machines are slightly smaller than their commercial buddies, and do not have the coin slot. I had a play on one of their machines, and it felt as good as the old Bally machines I used to play during my youth. Certainly putting these on my “must have” list.

If you want to get an idea as to how busy the press and bloggers were at CES, take a quick look at this:

There were press rooms in three locations within the Las Vegas Exhibition complex, as well as one in the Venetian Hotel. Add to that separate broadcast media rooms and studios, and two days for press at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Each room (hall actually) had power and internet connections (wired and wireless), press kits (mainly USB stick or QR codes), broadcast rooms, live news streaming, support staff, and most importantly, tea, coffee and food! You can imagine how relieved the very large press and blogger communities were to take a few minutes away from the actual show to digest the information gathered and food provided.

To wrap up day 2, let me share one fun product that might do well in some markets.

iPotty (CTA Digital) is definitely in the running as one of the most bizarre products on show at CES 2013. Yes, you read the name right – it is a potty with a stand for your iPad – so your yet to be toilet trained youngsters can be entertained whilst they sit/stand there waiting for something to happen. The holder has a screen protector (thankfully) and your iPad is secured into the holder to reduce risk of it ending up in an unwanted place. The holder can be vertical or horizontal, and there are three adjustable positions. Not sure what plans there are to make the iPotty available in Australia – who knows, could be the next big thing!

Did you hear about any tech products from CES which are more bizarre than the iPotty? Add them to our comments section below…

Note: The above information is not to be taken as Telstra’s endorsement of the products mentioned, or to vouch for their performance or quality; this blog is just intended to provide readers with reporting on highlights of products showcased at CES 2013.  Readers should consult the manufacturer’s websites and promotional material for full details on the products, including as to availability, any applicable terms and conditions of use, and pricing.