Kids of Australia – I have a question for you. Do you hold a world record? Would you like to hold a world record? Well what if I told you that I’m going to give every single one of you the opportunity to be a world record holder?

The Code Club Moonhack is being held on July 20, the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. What you might not know is that Australia played a big role in that event with our Parkes Observatory satellite dish in New South Wales, which allowed astronauts on the moon to communicate back to earth. Do you know what live streaming is? Basically, Australia used the Parkes dish to help live stream the first moon landing to the rest of the world. Now, we want you to be a part of another live stream—this time over the internet.

You, young-thinker, creator-of-awesome can be part of history too as we attempt a world record for the most number of children computer coding at any one time.

What’s really exciting about Moonhack is that absolutely anyone can be part it. Here’s why

Coding is easy and you get to hack the moon!

As part of the Moonhack, we will have a special moon-themed coding project on our website. And while some people think that computer coding is hard and only for rocket scientists and geeks, it’s actually easy and fun.

Coding is for everyone

Hannah, is a young girl who was part of our first ever Code Club at Hampden Park Public School in Lakemba, Sydney. At the end of the first term Hannah sent me a video and in her clip she told me how she had thought that coding was just for boys. But since having a go, she discovered that it’s something she’s great at! She even found that she is better than most boys in her club. So really – girls, boys – coding is for everyone.

Country kids are killer coders

Did you know you can do coding no matter where you live in the world – whether that’s in a city or in the country? In fact there are hundreds of free Code Clubs throughout regional Australia. All you need is a computer which could be in your home, school or local library. You don’t need fancy software or anything brand new – you just need access to the internet.

Coding is cool

One amazing coder I know is Jacob, who has high-functioning autism and lives in the small town of Booborowie in northern South Australia. Jacob worries sometimes about changing schools, as he’s grown older and it’s time to move on from his primary school. That all changed last year when he started Code Club and discovered not only that he was a good coder – but he was really good. He used computer games he created himself to get himself ready for his new school. He used pictures of his new school and teachers to become familiar with the new environment. Now Jacob has found his stride, programming games with his friends and helping classmates learn to code as well. What can I say? Jacob is a superhero.

Your future is digital

We know that as technology develops, the jobs of the future are going to be different and digital skills will play a vital part of this change. And this is not just important for those looking at a career in computers. With coding, you learn a whole range of skills, from problem solving to creative thinking, which are needed in almost any job. Have you ever heard of a company called Shoes of Prey? It’s a company where you can design your own pair of shoes, just for you, the way you like them. The people that built it are excited about fashion- but code makes the technology happen. How about Tim Tams? Everyone loves Tim Tams. Did you know the machines that make Tim Tams are controlled by code?

Coding is fun and can take you anywhere… even to the moon

Make your own games, create a blog or website, or a little movie – there is so much fun to be had with coding. With coding you will learn skills that can take you anywhere. If you aim for the moon – even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Our aim for Moonhack is to get 10,000 children coding and I think we can do it. Every kid, every parent, every school – I’m sending you a mission – let’s get every kid in Australia coding on 20 July as part of Moonhack and prove that sky’s the limit.

Find out more and register now for the Moonhack at Code Club Australia