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Mobile World Congress 2010 – the news so far

Tech and Innovation

Posted on February 16, 2010

3 min read

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona attracts 55,000 communications technology geeks each year and it’s the place where companies often make announcements or show off new toys.

Our own CTO Hugh Bradlow gave a keynote address yesterday to the Mobile Innovation Grand Prix and we’ve got hold of his presentation to share with you all:

In other exciting Telstra news, we announced the completion of the upgrade to our Next G™ HSPA+ network with Dual Carrier technology and unveiled the first wireless broadband device to capitalise on the new record-breaking speeds. Stay tuned – more announcements to come!

Media coverage:

PJT_biggerTelstra employee Peter Taylor has joined the team in Barcelona and is tweeting live from the event. You can follow him on Twitter. Here is a taste of his tweets so far:
Only just boarded and regretting wearing skinny jeans on a long haul flight.
How many sets of Qantas pyjamas can I sneak into my carry on baggage?
Will be wearing Qantas PJs to MWC tomorrow…bags have been lost somewhere between Sydney, London, Spain. Thanks Qantas. Deb Hutton owes
About to join another 55,000 gadget boffins at the world’s biggest mobile phone conference…can’t sleep I’m so excited (or is that jetlag)?
Telstra’s just announced wireless broadband is about to hit super speeds in Australia. New devices just unveiled. More info coming. #MWC
World first: Telstra upgrades Next G HSPA+ network with Dual Carrier. First wireless bband device for new speeds. #MWC
#mwc10 Wholesale Applications Community a common standard for apps…will it work? And where r those unified chargers?
#MWC10 – Nokia, Ericsson, GSMA press conferences down…Microsoft, Huawei and Skype still to go. I’m pooped and it’s only just started.
#MW10 I’ve had a change of mind…Ericsson’s hall trumps the others – extraordinary…oh and the mobile broadband network works better here!