Recently while looking after someone who was born in the mid 90s I realised a few things.  Apart from feeling my age overtaking my digital native status, I was amazed to see how much Gen Y are enamoured with mobile TV.

While my Gen Y sidekick would happily sit and stare into a 3” handheld media player all afternoon I find it hard to watch anything over 30 seconds long on a screen that size.

I recently had a HTC Wildfire handset for a weekend and while it is an amazing piece of kit, I still couldn’t find myself watching traditional ‘telly’ on it.

It turns out I am not alone. Size really does matter, according to recent research posted on C2M;

Screen size on a given mobile video viewing device is directly proportional to the viewing session length and new survey by managed video delivery platform MobiTV has revealed.”

Reading this I felt validated and relieved thinking I would lose my digital stripes unless I got my act together and started watching entire series of True Blood on my iPhone.

Add to this the fact that screen resolutions get better and better with every evolution of device that is launched, it seems to be quite clear (pardon the pun) that high quality content on mobile devices is the way of the future.

I am happy watching anything on a tablet sized device, but lose patience on smaller handheld devices within 30 seconds – and I fall neatly into Generation X. My Gen Y and Gen Alpha counterparts are clearly different mammals.

Australia's generational profile. Image: courtesy of McCrindle Research Pty Ltd

Australia’s generational profile. Image: courtesy of McCrindle Research Pty Ltd

So I wonder out loud, is there another missing link here whereby dependant on your age, how much content will you enjoy watching and on what size mobile device?

Kids of the future, please, help me to understand.  

How important is screen size to you and how much content consumption can you sit through?