Mobile World Congress is an important event for me and much of the industry. It is a time when most of the major carriers, technology partners and device manufacturers gather together in Barcelona to meet, demonstrate and discuss what is next for the mobile industry.

Looking back at the last 12 months, it is clear that is has been a time for rapid establishment of the LTE ecosystem, with carriers all across the globe focused on the development and refinement of their LTE networks, emerging interest in LTE Broadcast and increasing implementation of Carrier Aggregation.

At Telstra, we have been focused on being at the forefront of this evolution so that we can continue to provide our customers with the superior mobile network performance they have come to expect, despite the explosion in demand coming from tablets, smartphones, machines and media.

The year so far

Just looking at the last three months, we have been active with:

This is just a small example of our long term strategy and with the great results we are seeing through our APT700 testing. I am confident that the next stage of our network evolution will be able to offer customers wider and deeper 4G coverage, improved speeds, more capacity and great new services.

It is an exciting time as these new technologies change the way we can deliver services.

So you can get an insight into some of the future possibilities, we have put together a short clip on our LTE-B stadium trial that really brings this technology to life.