Telstra has today announced the first rollout schedule of mobile base stations to be constructed under the Mobile Blackspot Programme.

The first 66 mobile base stations to be constructed by the end of June this year include locations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Under the Mobile Blackspot Programme Telstra is contributing $165 million to assist in the construction of 429 3G / 4G mobile base stations nationally that will extend coverage into more than 400 communities where is little or no coverage.

Telstra Group Managing Director Networks Mike Wright said the development of a rollout schedule for the next six months was an exciting development for communities.

“We can understand the anticipation many have about when mobile base stations will be constructed,” he said.

“Behind the scenes there has been significant work occurring in design planning, community consultations, the formulation and development of planning applications and working with local councils to get the best outcome for everybody.

“None of this happens overnight, but it is happening and we are working as fast as we can to deliver on our commitments to these towns and communities.”

Under round one of the Mobile Blackspot Programme Telstra is contributing $165 million, $94.8 million is from the Federal Government and tens of millions in targeted additional funding from State and Local Governments.

As the first carrier to bring 4G mobile services to country Australia Telstra is acutely aware of the importance communication is to communities outside of major capital and regional hubs. Telstra’s $165 million investment into the Mobile Blackspot Programme is part of our wider $5 billion investment into our mobile network over the three years to June 2017.

“The growing use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets is changing the way we live and we are aware of the challenges facing communities living with limited access to a mobile network,” Mr Wright said.

“Already 18 mobile base stations have been completed with the first six switched on in December 2015.”

Rollout schedules for towns and communities not included in this first six month schedule will be made available as planning progresses for their construction. Timeframes for the rollout of new base stations may vary and depend on local government approval processes, community consultation periods and other local factors.

More information relating to the Mobile Blackspot Programme is available at