Minecraft has dominated gaming sales over the last decade, with almost 200 million copies sold worldwide – it definitely deserves that “top-selling game of all time” title. The creators of Minecraft are back again with a new game and a fresh spin on the classic Minecraft style: Minecraft Dungeons.

Taking its style cues from dungeon-crawling titles such as Diablo and randomly generated games like FTL: Faster Than Light, Minecraft Dungeons has emerged, giving both new players and long-time fans of Minecraft the opportunity to play through a brand new campaign filled with action, adventure and loot! If you are curious to see this game in action, check out some extended gameplay here.

This time around, our adventure through the world of Minecraft sees us plundering dungeons in an action-filled role-playing game genre – either by yourself, with your friends online, or with the family on the couch with up to three other players at once. This game is definitely an experience to be enjoyed with friends! In Dungeons, you move through the world on a mission rather than building a base like in the original game.

In Minecraft Dungeons, your player can take on mobs of enemies with a plethora of melee weapons and attacks – or take them out from afar with a vast array of ranged weapons, or even muscle your way through the mobs like a heavily armoured tank. The choice is yours – which like the original Minecraft, means that Minecraft Dungeons has very high replayability. This is a good thing – the near-limitless combinations of making no two playthroughs the same.

You can also personalise your character as you see fit! Unlock new items, weapons and enchantments that allow you to customise your character’s equipment to suit your play style. We know that kids love changing outfits in Minecraft, so it’s good to see this in Dungeons too.

Part of what makes the game fun is the goal of exploring every corner of each level – searching for loot, loot and more loot. There is plenty of treasure to be found on your journey to save and protect the villagers as you take down the evil Arch-Illager.

All in all, after spending a fair few hours with this game – and already being a pretty big Minecraft fan – it’s hard not to like Minecraft Dungeons. Taking out all the complicated character builds and difficult combat strategy that makes other games in the genre harder to get into, Minecraft Dungeons makes it an easy foray into the world of dungeon-crawling games. It’s a fun, yet challenging, game that’ll keep you playing and searching for that extra bit of loot for hours on end.

Minecraft Dungeons is available now on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass, which you can get for yourself in Telstra’s Xbox All Access bundle. Find out more info about Xbox All Access here.