Footy tragic Adam ‘Warnie’ Child’s shares his top tips to get your mid-season AFL tipping game back in shape.

So you’ve streamed every game of the season on the superfast national broadband network, but even with your kind of dedication you’ve hit that point of the year. Turns out your spot at the top of the table in the office footy tipping isn’t a sure thing anymore, or some bad luck has put the brakes on pre-ordering your premiership trophy for your AFL Fantasy footy league.

It’s time to pick yourself up off the canvas – now is the time for a champion to rise.

The term, ‘a tipster’s nightmare’, is thrown around a lot. In 2016, there have been upsets galore and just as many ‘experts’ have commented from the couch, making predicting the form of fantasy players week-to-week harder to pick than a broken nose.

So what steps can you take to turn your season around quicker than Brendon Bolton has with the up-and-about Blues?

Roll the dice

The individuals leading any tipping or fantasy competition have had luck on their side, there’s no doubt about that. But along with luck, they’ve made selections outside the norm.

Be it tipping North Melbourne in every game following their 9-0 start, backing GWS throughout the season that has them in the premiership race, or starting with the breakout fantasy stars of the year, there’s merit in going for something a little different.

But maybe you could go a lot different.

Being aggressive could pay off in a big way. Blow your opponents away with nine out of nine tips by selecting all of the away teams, or take the underdog in most games.

Make a big trade

Trade out the most expensive player in the fantasy competition, Heath Shaw, and use the cash to get another couple of up-and-coming players, just to be different. Risky I know, but you could improve your squad by bringing in a couple of gun midfielders.

Who knows? Your new recruit could be the highest scorer in the back-half of the year and put you firmly in the picture for the finals.

Clawing back with a unique or two

While most of the leaders will be going with the favourites or the consensus picks, throwing in an educated unique selection could be the way to go.

There are plenty of 50/50 games week-to-week. Do some research to try to find a reason to go against the grain. Hopefully that coin toss lands on the right side. Surely the Dockers will get their act together soon?

Find your point of difference

A point-of-difference in your fantasy team can give you something to not only cheer for against your mates, but could also make you look like a genius. Find a player going under the radar following a slow start to the year.

Taylor Duryea has started to post some scores that matched his fantastic end to 2015. If you’ve streamed the Hawks’ games and watched the premiership player closely in the last couple of weeks, the 25-year-old has shown that he could hold down a place in your backline. The bonus is that he fits the criteria of a unique with under two per cent ownership.

Stay the course

Taking a deep breath and sticking with what you know and what has been successful in the past is a sound strategy. Pick the favourites, go with your gut and hope that your luck will change.

The better teams should start winning and the proven premium players will post those scores that made them the staple of your fantasy teams for the last few seasons. Come on, Gary Ablett is still Gary Ablett.

At the end of the day, rolling the dice is not for me. But being conservative isn’t going to help you climb the mountain of footy expert immortality. Mix it up with a few unique selections by backing your gut. It’s a good feeling while you’re your team playing, knowing your selection is doing better than your opponent.

Remember, the bragging rights gained over the winter will last all summer long, thanks to the Internet!

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