Thinking about switching up to a Telstra 4G LTE modem for ultra fast mobile broadband? Then you should check out what these guys have to say. They are of course our Telstra 4G USB mobile broadband experience winners.

I wrote to introduce the winners and now that they are fully fledged Crowd Support users I thought you might like to see what they are saying about their experiences.

Oh and of course, see the creative responses that won our hearts in response to the competition question;

How will a Telstra USB 4G modem supercharge your digital life?

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Adam Fowler

Adam Fowler

About me: I have worked in IT for 11 years, currently a ‘jack of all trades’ admin and supervisor. Looking forward to testing out the 4G speeds in as many ways as possible. including to check out remote desktop services due to the 4G latency improvements. Going up to 40Mbps wireless, we’ve come a long way from the dial up days…

Winning entry: Instead. Of. Seeing. The. Internet. Slowly. I. Want. To. Experience. It. like a smoothly flowing sentence!

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Alan Kovacs

Alan Kovacs

About me: I am a final year university student who likes to be able to take work anywhere on a laptop so I am not tied to a desktop computer all day. I intend to use Telstra 4G whenever I can, be it on public transport or while I’m on the university campus to reduce the time it takes to do my work giving me more free time to do other enjoyable things like spending time with friends.

Winning entry: I’m doing university research all day, big PDFs download slowly wasting time. Faster 4G will leave me with time to do more enjoyable things.

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Lynne Wilson

Lynne Wilson

About me: I work as a Project Manager and Business Analyst contractor for over 10 years in the ICT industry, primarily working for South Australian local and state government agencies. Being a contractor, there is a requirement often to utilise her own “tools of trade”; which means having computing equipment that is sound, secure and mobile. Reliable and fast mobile broadband is a must for me to be able to collaborate with employers and peers.

Winning entry: Woring from home office as a contractor to SA mining industry, I required fast reliable access.

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Brad Gawronski

Brad Gawronski

About me: I work in the IT industry in a variety of environments. I have had an unhealthy obsession with mobile data and devices since the early days of 2G. The next generation of mobile broadband opens up some awesome opportunities. Apart from blowing most of my allowance in speed tests, I’m going to try lots of video chat, streaming and applications needing lower latency, I think the fast uploads will open up some interesting uses.

Winning entry: Clearer two way HD video and audio, watching my new puppy from away from home, to make sure he’s up to no mischief!

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Catherine Dengate

Catherine Dengate

About me: I am approaching 60, am like Rip Van Winkle grabbing at the world again after two decades of remote rural isolation as housewife and home-schooling Mum; I first worked with computers back in the mid 70s – running SPSS and text formating programs on a DEC-10 computer at ANU.
I am passionate about learning more about everything that I can; love movies, music, fascinated by history, science, technology; love learning and experiencing all that I can.

Winning entry: I’m re-entering the world – back to civilisation after years in rural isolation, looking for work and life and being part of the present

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Chris Brown

Chris Brown

About me: I am an IT infrastructure professional in Melbourne, Australia. A proud Gen-Y, I have to have the latest and greatest in technology, and am always eager to play with new toys! I am a passionate tweeter, blogger, and action movie fan and have to have a mobile device handy at all times, whether it is an iPhone, HP TouchPad or my EeePC.

Winning entry: I long to provide useful content to friends/followers worldwide without being tied to the dark confines of my desk… (No cat videos – promise!)

Telstra 4G Reviewer - David Joo

David Joo

About me: Father of beautiful two boys. Linux loving guy. Always travelling for work but thanks technology for keeping him closer to his family.

Winning entry: As an IT consultant who travels around Australia 35 weeks out of 52, it would make my work life easier. As well as it will bring me close to my 3 and 5 year old sons, since I am missing out on their up bringing.

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Domenic D'Alonzo

Domenic D’Alonzo

About me: I love everything to do with technology, computer hardware, and the internet. I am a PC enthusiast and an avid PC gamer. Some tests I will do with the 4G modem include: obtaining speed and ping results to various servers and websites, testing how well it can multitask – uploading and downloading at the same time, see how the 4G network handles multiplayer online gaming (ping and jitter), and I will also compare 4G to 3G as I have a 3G modem.

Winning entry: A Telstra 4G USB modem is my high-velocity pathway to pursuing my love of the internet, computer techhardware, and gaming – on the go!

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Martin Ephgrave

Martin Ephgrave

About me: I am a West Coast Eagles Member and I live in Katherine NT. A Chef by Trade working at CDU Rural College Katherine Northern Territory. I also look after the 12metre Radio telescope for UTAS. My partner and I live in Katherine and think it’s a great place to be where you don’t get cold.
It’s great to have a company like Telstra helping to keep us up to date with new 4g speeds.

Winning entry: It will give me the chance to move data from the radio telescope so quickly to home.

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Matt Carter

Matt Carter

About me: I have been working in ICT since leaving school, involved in video technologies for last four years, three of as a Senior Solution Architect in Telstra Enterprise and Government. Having left Telstra over a year ago, I now work for a video conferencing manufacturer, and travel regularly throughout Australia and Asia talking to customers who haven’t yet purchased this technology. My first son arrived about six months ago, so needing mobile broadband to do HD video calls is a must for me personally, and professionally.

Winning entry: Will use it heavily for HD Video Conferencing in SMB business. Use LifeSize technology, to demonstrate and keep a video blog using over 4G.

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Stephen McNamara

Stephen McNamara

About me: I have had many career changes over the years, the last one being into the IT and telecommunications world back in 1999 while completing an IT degree. Combining that with a few stressful years running a business – the wife and I sold up, packed up and are heading around Australia on an adventure in a Winnebago.
Opportunities to visit, stay and play will be combined with communications to friends, family and the workplace and will all now be done online, using 4G as it will be a fast and reliable service.

Winning entry: Travelling in a Winnebago motorhome I am able to use 4G in multiple locations giving street by street updates, how cool would that be!

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Vincent Chan

Vincent Chan

About me: I am an engineer currently working in Brisbane, Queensland. My first objective of testing the 4G modem is to test it out against my trusty ADSL2 home internet connection. I’ll also bring my laptop with me on my trips around town to test it in as many places as possible – inside a multi-storey building, on the bus, in a park, on a train, and maybe on Mt Coot-tha!

Winning entry: With the speed of a 4G modem, I will achieve a feat no man has ever done: do more than one thing at a time!

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Josh Odermatt

Josh Odermatt

About me: I am 18 years old and completing my final year! Apple fan. Social media junkie. Live in Sydney, Australia. Born in the year of the internet.

Winning entry: I don’t own a Ferrari but instead Telstra can help me supercharge the website loading times to be able to look at Ferrari’s on Google!

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Alistair Bayley

Alistair Bayley

About me: Stay tuned!

Winning entry: With the speed of a 4G modem, I will achieve a feat no man has ever done: do more than one thing at a time!

Telstra 4G Reviewer - Kim Byrne

Kim Byrne

About me: Stay tuned!

Winning entry: I hope it will make download times in my house much faster and be of major benifit to our daughter who has ADHD and Asperger’s and has just received an iPad 2 to assist her schooling and her social skills.