It’s that time of the year again where Apple fans rejoice in the latest iPhone launch – and Telstra is in on the celebrations to welcome the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and Apple Watch® Series 3 to the Telstra family!

We’re celebrating the launch in stores across the country, and here at our George Street Sydney Discovery Store we stopped to chat to our first customer –Brahman Thiyaga who was first in to get the Apple Watch Series 3 and iPhone 8.

What motivated you to get here early today?

“I came for the new Apple watch, and to see what Telstra could do for me in terms of a plan. I actually haven’t ordered a new phone for a few years, so thought it made sense to get the new iPhone too while I’m here. And Telstra has served me quite well over the years so I haven’t really had a reason to change carriers.”

What new features are you most excited about?

“I’m actually holding out for the iPhone X, but given I’m already a Telstra customer and could get a plan with the watch, I thought I’d get the iPhone 8 for my wife so we get the best of both worlds! I’ll be coming back to get the X for myself in November.”

Are you looking forward to trying out the new eSIM technology with Telstra One Number?

“I’m definitely excited about the eSIM technology, it’s an interesting user case for me because I actually carry two phones so this is going to make things a lot easier. These days I’m carrying two phones day and night so this allows me to keep work at work, and play at play.”

Did you travel far to get here?

“Yes I’m actually from Epping – I normally work out in Homebush and I ended up here at 6am so it was a bit of a diversion!”

First thing you’ll do with your new devices?

“I’m keen to test out the new camera and look at the AR capability – they’re probably the new features I’m most excited to have a play with, and I think iOS 11 itself was a pretty big upgrade which I’m keen to try out.”

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