Australians are renowned for their adoption of technology. The country’s demand for data is growing rapidly as reliable and fast connectivity becomes part of almost every aspect of our lives and a key building block of economic growth. Our networks are becoming even more important to deliver on our brand promise to create better ways to empower everyone to thrive in a connected world.

Almost every part of our lives will be connected through technology, not in the distant future, but in the next few years. This is why Telstra is investing billions of dollars in our network capabilities, ensuring we will be ready for twice as many streaming videos, four times the number of connected devices and five times the internet traffic. This investment was announced in August 2016, and includes our strategic capex spend over the next three years.

Our new Network Leadership campaign tells the story of this changing, immersive, exciting world that demands a network that can change with it. The campaign draws on our network strengths in mobile, Telstra Air WIFI, Home, and Global Enterprise and Business services into a superior ‘one network’ story.

The campaign shows the not-too-distant future where we see Australians’ thriving in their everyday lives as a result of emerging, connected technology such as hologram calling loved one, augmented reality sports experiences to driverless cars. The campaign also demonstrates how our network empowers everyone to thrive today with superior speed, coverage and reliability.

These stories illustrate the role we will play as a leading technology partner for Australia through our network innovation, like 5G, optical networks and the Internet of Things. With this imminent explosion of data consumption, only Telstra can offer:

  • A mobile network that faster than the rest*;
  • A network with greater 4G coverage than any other network in Australia;
  • A wifi network that travels with you when you’re far from home;
  • A network that enables faster speed on the go, with the Netgear Nighthawk – the world’s fastest mobile hotspot;
  • A network that lets you experience the things you love in a whole new way – that is immersive and interactive; and
  • A network that is gearing itself to be ready for a world with billions of connected devices.

Telstra has partnered with leading advertising agency, The Monkey’s to produce the new campaign. The Monkeys are a long standing agency partner of Telstra and developed the highly acclaimed brand campaign and Christmas campaign from 2016 as well as current the new campaign for Telstra Business.

*Based on national average combined 3G/4G mobile speeds