The world moves at the speed of content – it’s all about the speed at which you can get your shows, games and movies from the cloud and into your home. We’re committed to souping up our network to ensure the best experience for everyone, and thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to become the best gaming provider in the nation. Here’s how.

We recently announced that we’d be the exclusive partner for Microsoft’s Xbox All Access product in Australia. That means our fixed and post-paid mobile customers can choose from two different tiers of Xbox All Access: a $27 monthly package* that includes an Xbox One S, access to over 100 games on Xbox Game Pass and multiplayer support with Xbox Live Gold.

Alternatively, more enthusiastic gamers can opt for the awesome Xbox One X with 4K gaming capabilities, as well as access to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold for just $38 per month, both over 24 months*.

Xbox All Access from Telstra means you can get the latest gaming hardware and the best games on offer on Australia’s favourite network, with no upfront fees. Customers looking to end their service won’t be slugged with termination fees and can simply pay out the remaining cost of the hardware.

How we ensure top-tier gaming performance on our network

As gaming continues to evolve, the importance of fast fixed and mobile networks, paired with low latency is key to getting customers the most out of their gaming experience. Here, 5G plays a critical role in our long-term strategy for delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

As we work to bring our incredibly-fast, low-latency 5G network to more Australians over the coming year, we’ve identified an opportunity to make gaming better for all our home broadband customers in the interim.

We’ve long had a reputation for network speed in the real world. We’ve consistently been named the fastest broadband provider nationally for both fixed and mobile networks by the global speed test benchmarkers at Ookla. We’ve also been ranked #1 by Netflix over and over as the best provider for streaming content from its service, and from the ACCC as best for latency.

These wins represent billions of dollars invested in our network to ensure that it’s tuned for exactly what our customers want: top-tier performance for what matters, when it matters most.

As an example, we worked hard with content providers and hardware manufacturers to bring the Telstra TV to market, leveraging both our network leadership and our strong industry partnerships to bring create a new experience for our customers. Since doing so, we’ve seen over 1.4 million Telstra TV devices take up residence in our customers’ living rooms with over 40% having never streamed video before.

Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, we’ve been able to map the way our network sources content from Microsoft Azure in order to bring it “closer” to the players that want it.

Our partnership with Microsoft has seen us embark on a similar journey. On a product level, our partnership allows us to offer the company’s range of consoles, as well as a built-in library of games available as soon as you connect the console to the internet. On a network level, however, we’re working to optimise the network experience for Telstra fixed-line and mobile customers behind-the-scenes to replicate our wins in video streaming for gamers.

Developing a best-in-class gaming experience for our customers is a matter of speed and distance. If data travels quickly over short distances, the experience will be the absolute best for our customers whether that be playing online or downloading the latest game.

Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, we’ve been able to map the way our network sources content from Microsoft Azure in order to bring it “closer” to the players that want it. With Microsoft hosting its game content on-shore in Azure’s Australian point-of-presence and optimising our networking routes to the data centre itself, we’re actively speeding up the gaming experience for Telstra customers.

This practically means customers who take up an Xbox All Access bundle with either an Xbox One S or Xbox One X will have the ability to plug in their consoles on Christmas Day and be playing high-definition titles faster than ever thanks to our partnership with Microsoft.

Games are downloaded faster on our optimised network; titles are intelligently installed to ensure you’re playing sooner, and a suite of optimised parental controls ensures that Australian families are kept on top of screen time habits right out of the box.

We’re working harder than ever to make gaming better for everyone, and this is just the beginning!

* Xbox One S: Min cost over 24 months is $648 + your plan charges OR Xbox One X: Min cost over 24 months is $912 + your plan charges.