We have reached another milestone in our journey to 5G with the successful placement of Australia’s first 5G to 5G video call, reaching from Sydney to our 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast.

We made the first commercial 5G video call at our 5G Innovation Centre on the Gold Coast in Queensland last week, closely following our Australian-first live 5G connection. That 5G video call was also repeated today in another real-world demonstration between Sydney and the Gold Coast, using our 5G technology at both locations.

Working with our technology partners Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies, and using a Qualcomm Technologies 5G Mobile Test Plaform device, the Australian first commercial 5G video call shows just how close to reality 5G is – and how close we are to having our network ready for the first commercial 5G devices to go on sale in early 2019.

This milestone is not just proof of our 5G technology innovation, but also demonstrates the importance of our strategic relationships with global industry partners like Qualcomm Technologies and Ericsson. We have worked extensively with all our partners on the road to 5G, making a number of Australian and world firsts possible.

130 mobile base stations across Australia have already been upgraded with 5G technology, and 70 more will be made 5G ready before the end of the year. We are on the cutting edge of 5G development, and these innovations are also reaping rewards for customers on 4G.

Our network upgrades to enable 5G will also improve the speed of 4G at those locations. 3G and 4G will continue to carry the bulk of our mobile traffic for some time, so it is important that we continue making improvements to all parts of our network concurrently to meet the growing demand for data.

Our commitment to leading 5G innovation – from the first taste of 5G over Wi-Fi to collaborating on network standards and pioneering 5G upgrades in Australia’s cities – will mean our customers can be among the first in the world to enjoy the benefits of the latest mobile technology, and the possibilities that that will enable.