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Making a house call: Telstra’s new land line plans

Telstra News

Posted on April 2, 2014

3 min read

I’m excited to let you know about the new plans we are launching today, giving home phone customers more value from their service.

The home phone is a much-loved fixture in many Australian households. In fact more than 70 per cent still have one. It is simply the best way to make calls that matter when at home.

Lots of you have told us you love the call clarity, reliability and comfort of making a call from your home phone. You have deeper conversations on the home phone so you can have a real catch-up with family and friends or work colleagues. Did you know that calls between home phones are, on average, three times longer in length than calls made to mobiles?

We also know our customers want line rental and calls included in their home phone plans. Since introducing our unlimited international call pack (unlimited calling to land lines in 32 countries) in late 2012, we have seen resurgence in the use of the home phone for calling overseas. People love the convenience of being able to pick up the phone and have a long chat with the peace of mind they won’t face a surprise bill.

So this is why we are now including more unlimited calling on our new home phone plans- for $50 you get all local and STD calls included! And line rental is also included!

Our new $40, $50 and $85 plans all include:

  • line rental
  • unlimited local calls
  • unlimited STD calls on plans above $50
  • capped calls for the first 20 minutes to any standard Australian mobile number 24/7
  • features like 3 way chat, call waiting, call return and call back (Some features not available on NBN. Call charges may apply)

Importantly, these plans are all no lock in so customers can change plans at any time, at no cost and can cancel at any time without penalty!

And for just $15 extra, customers can get unlimited calls to land lines in 32 countries and to mobiles in 14 countries. All using our international calling pack which customers love.

If you’re a current home phone customer you can easily move across to these plans. Simply give us a call or contact us online.

While we have created a range of new and exciting plans that provide customers with great inclusions, we are keeping our HomeLine Budget plan at $22.95 per month for customers who are looking for a low cost option.

(Minimum cost for the first month including the activation fee on our $40 plan is $99, on our $50 plan is $109 and on our $85 plan is $144)

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