International travel used to be such a pleasant activity to look forward to, maybe once or twice a year. Since we’re mostly staying put around Australia that’s obviously not as easy at the moment, but it’s okay – because we have games to give us that sense of adventure!

This period of working and studying from home gives some of us time to polish off that backlog of games, or if you’re like me, to add more games to the backlog and hope to finish them at some vague point in time in the distant future. There are many great games that can help satisfy that wanderlust, such as Deliver Us The Moon, Disneyland Adventures and even Fishing Sim World Pro Tour.

What’s that on the horizon for me though? It’s Sea of Thieves! This “pirate life simulator” has had a massive overhaul since its release in 2018, with the inclusion of more life-like elements such as cooking, fishing and more diverse animal and plant life than the game originally featured. These are welcome additions that allow for a bit of downtime between the otherwise frantic action and treasure hunting.

When it comes to action, Sea of Thieves is definitely enjoyable as a solo playthrough – as long as you don’t mind a challenge. For the full experience, though – and to have the most fun – make sure to grab a mate or two (who also have an Xbox to play along) to give you a hand digging up all that wondrous loot.

Sea of Thieves includes a degree of character customisation that reminds us of casual RPG games, allowing you to choose and express yourself through your avatar’s appearance however you see fit! Once that’s sorted, it’s on to the high seas in your very own ship – which, like your character, also allows you to customise it how you’d like.

Sea of Thieves - Xbox

Don’t forget that as you sail around it is up to you to keep your ship repaired; make sure you fix up all those cannon-shot holes in the hull! Sea of Thieves has some elements of realism – repair and upgrade your ship with materials you will collect on your journey, and after a battle make sure to patch up those holes and dump that water back out to sea. If you don’t, you’ll find out what the ocean floor looks like.

Sea of Thieves’ beauty really shines when you realise just what kind of a multiplayer game it is – there is no correct way. Where some games will force you to play and act in certain ways, Sea of Thieves really gives you the freedom. Do you want to command a crew and rule like Blackbeard? – go for it! Do you want to be the solo lone wolf, surviving on the fringes, hunting where you see fit? – do it!

Sea of Thieves - Xbox

There really is a chest of treasure to be opened for every player in this game. If you want to give it a taste, you can enjoy it and many other travel adventures in the comfort of your home on Xbox Game Pass right now. If you don’t happen to have a gaming console of your own yet, you can get an Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass subscription together as part of our Xbox All Access offer – for one low monthly price, only with Telstra.