Remember the last time you lost your keys, phone, or even your dog? Since we launched Telstra Locator, we’ve been hearing someawesomestories of lost and found.

With a Telstra Locator Subscription, finding lost items can be easy. Simply attach a Telstra Locator Tag to your things and use the Telstra Locator App to help find them. Ring your tag when it’s near and use the map when it’s far away.

Here’s how it helped Summer, Chris and Kate.

The Escape Artist

I’m Summer,a12-year oldMaltese-Cavalier,andmy fur parents gave meaTelstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag to wear on my collar.

Even at my age, I’m one active woofer. I play (and win) soccer with my younger brothers, and love heading for long walks with my family (I’m much faster than them). But I do have a secret shame. When a thunderstorm hits, I get a little scared. Okay, very scared. So scared that I just have to run, out of the gate and as far as I can get. One time I ran and ran, across roads, parks and housing estates. I ran five kilometres before my parents found me after driving around and around to track me down.

That was before I got my new collarand Telstra Locator.

Now when I run away,Telstra Locator can helpmy parents can find me faster than before. In fact, with a Wi-Fi home zone set up on the app, they get a notification if I have been detecteda certain distance away from ourhouse.And before I know it,I’mbackhomein my favourite spoton the couch with my family.

The Good Samaritan

I’m Chris andhave aTelstra Locator Bluetooth Tag on my house and car keys.

A few weeks ago, that little tag saved me a whole lot of trouble. I was on my way home from work, got off the train, went to jump in my car and the thought hit me. Where are my keys? Not in my pockets, not in my bag. Sometime after leaving my car that morning I’d dropped them. But I stayed calm, phoned for a pick-up and used my Telstra Locator App to mark the keys as lost. That way I knew if someone in Telstra Locator Bluetooth Communitywalked by my keys, I’d be notified by the app.

And sure enough, they did. A Telstra 24×7 App userwho was part of the Telstra Locator Bluetooth Communitywalked by my keys, which sent a notification to my phone.Later on, asecondlocation update showed that the keys had moved to the local police station. Little did I know, the first notification was from a Good Samaritan who took my keys and handed them in, and the second was them being received by the police.

I went to the station pickedup my keys, and now I’m back behind the wheel thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

Phone home

I’mKateandI have my Telstra LocatorSubscription connected to not just my tags, but my smartphone andtablet.

Last month I was heading home on the bus when my mobile fell out of my bag and in between the seat. Unknowingly, I got off the bus without my precious phone. I quickly realised what had happenedwhen the music through my wireless earbuds suddenly stuttered and disconnected as the bus drove my phone out of range.

I rushedhome andused mytabletto loginto the Telstra LocatorApp.Sure enough, mymobilewas doing the loop around Bondi, stopping every few metres to pick up and drop off passengers.

Instead of chasing the bus, I decided to make myself a cup of tea and simply wait for the service to loop back around the neighbourhood. I could see the updated location of my smartphone every few minutes on the app, as my phone was reporting its location to the app. As the bus began to approach my stop, I went outside, flagged down the driver who had been handed my phone and it was waiting for me.

How does it work?

Telstra Locator is a subscription-based finding service that helpsyou find the thingsyou need and love the most– from keys and bags to bikes, pets and even business assets like tools and vehicles.By attaching a Telstra Locator Tag to yourpossessions,you can usethe Telstra Locator App to help findthem ifthey go missing, simply by “ringing” your tag when it’snear, anduse the app’s map when it’s not.You can alsolocate compatible smartphones and tablets from theapp.

Telstra Locator has different tag types, and each tag is designed for different things. The small and lightweight Telstra Locator Bluetooth Tag is ideal for keys, backpacks and laptop bags. While the Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag is perfect for pets, bikes, toolboxes and trailers.

Each Telstra Locator Tag connects to one or a combination of Telstra’s networks. This includes parts of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi Network and the Telstra Bluetooth® Locator Community – a community of Telstra Locator and Telstra 24×7 App users who have opted-in to help other customers find misplaced items in a secure and anonymous way, plus more than 4,000 Telstra Payphonesand Telstra Air Public Hotspots.How do I get started?

How do I get started?

A month-to-month Telstra Locator Subscription is $10 per month, and you can cancel any time. New subscribers receive a free Telstra Locator Starter Kit, which includes x2 Telstra Locator Bluetooth Tags and x1 Telstra Locator Wi-Fi Tag. Each subscription lets you locate up to 20 tags and compatible iOS and Android devices. Additional tags and accessories are available to purchase.

Visit a Telstra store for a demonstration on how Telstra Locator works, or explore more