As the roll out of the National Broadband Network gains momentum, we’re taking a look into the lives and businesses of Telstra NBN customers from across Australia.

Telstra NBN customer Tammy Hamood lives with her family in Lyrup, near Renmark on the Murray River approximately 250km north east of Adelaide.

Tammy and her husband run their D&T Hamood Concrete business from home, meaning all emails, internet, quoting, streaming, tendering and book keeping work is done from their house.

Since connecting to the NBN a few months ago, Tammy says she’s noticed a new harmony in the family with regular squabbles over streaming now a thing of the past due to the speed and reliability of the NBN.

In fact, they’ve gone from not allowing the use of personal devices during business hours for fear of crashing their service to using 3 mobile phones, 2 tablets, a laptop, 2 main computers and a PlayStation simultaneously on the NBN.

Check out the video to see what Tammy has to say about life on the NBN.