Our mobile network connects people all across the country. Local Life shares a glimpse into the lives of some of our remotest communities, where the need to connect has never been greater.

Known to locals as ‘The Rock’, King Island sits roughly halfway between Victoria and the North West tip of Tasmania in Bass Strait.

Arguably most famous for its produce including cheese and dairy, beef, lobster and kelp – all of which are exported across the world, including to top chefs – King Island is also a destination for surfers and golfers.

Around 1,800 residents call The Rock home, and they’re passionate about its spectacular, rugged beauty and strong sense of community but they also love being able to connect with the people on the mainland and beyond.

So while it’s not possible to have a baby on King Island (mums-to-be generally go to Burnie in Tasmania or Melbourne), it is possible for family and friends to welcome the new baby into the world over video calls from their smartphones or computers.

As the only network service provider on the island, Telstra helps people on King Island connect to the world around them. People like local fishermen, shearers, beef farmers, journalists, and our own sole Telstra technician, Steve King.

We’ll be sharing some of their stories here over the coming days. So let’ kick off with Jim Cooper.

Steve King – Telstra Technician, King Island

Mark Mathews – Head Chef, Cape Wickham Links

Kathleen Hunter – Editor, King Island Courier

Dwayne Rooke – Deckhand, ‘Even Steven’

Anna Pimenta – Cattle Farmer

Jim Cooper – Deputy Mayor

Investing in regional Australia
Telstra is upgrading the transmission link between King Island and the Tasmanian ‘mainland’ that provides landline phone, internet and 3G mobile communication. The work is due to be finished in June this year, which will mean reduced congestion to ADSL internet services during peak periods – like afternoons and busy holiday periods – and mobile data speeds that are up to twice as fast.

It’s a major upgrade that will help to ensure the King Island community is kept up-to-date with communication technology so they can continue to run their farms, businesses and stay in touch with people.

For Telstra, it’s another step towards our goal to ensure our ‘Network Without Equal’ provides 99 per cent of the Australian population with access to 4G mobile coverage by June 2017.